29 May 2007

End of May is near...

Coming to the end of the month..... can't believe I've had a blog up till this long! I had kinda thought I'll get bored of it in a few weeks. But as promised, here is the post of what we all did after prom the next day
Went to Rakuzen to eat some 'chow' for lunch. The buffet lunch was RM53++ per person, but it is SUPER good. OMG, just thinking about it right now I can die on the spot... all the Japanese food you want, just order off the menu~ How many times can you do that in your life?? I ORDER all of you reading this blog right now to save up your money and eat a buffet lunch at RAKUZEN in KL one day.

Rakuzen is located somewhere in KL near Starhill Gallery (which is next to Lot10, which is next to Sg.Wang, which is next to the monorail station, the list goes on...)
All the brownies together and one hot pink mama~
The stairway leading up to the restaurant

Okay~Enough of the restaurant background! Time to show you guys who didn't go what you're really missing out on:
Shashimi (ok, might be a turn off for those who don't enjoy raw food)

Eh...some kind of sushi. but still yummy!

One of everyone's favourite. soft-shell crab sushi

Salmon salad

Dig in!

Baby Octopus~ Sam's finger poking at it

AAAHHHH!!! Unagi !!

Green Tea dessert ice-cream

Thanks to my son-in-law n daughter for bringing us to this place ^_^

We actually ate a lot more food than shown here because we were too busy eating to take pictures. Pictures don't do any justice to the taste of the food, it must be manually tasted. Okay everybody, say it with me again one more time, eat at! :

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  1. Euphrasia14 July, 2007

    OMG! Japanese buffet lunch! At first I thought it's like any typical buffet, you eat what is served there. BUt at Rakuzen you get to order off the menu! Cool. I so so so wanna go there!