13 May 2007

Birthday Blog

Technically actually, today is the 13th of May. My birthday was yesterday. Hee Hee...

Tiong How was just complaining how close my birthday is to Mother's Day. I agree. I felt I was like celebrating mother's day more than my own birthday. lol. On my birthday, Tiong How brought me out to 1 Utama to hang out around 3pm. You so totally CANNOT go to 1 utama on a saturday. Its packed to the brim!! 5 whole floors of parking space is full. Crazy la. We had wasted about 25 mins of our time and petrol just circling round and roung the parking lots trying to look for space.Furthermore, only if you get out within the first 15 mins then you don't need to pay for parking. clever 1U manager...

After another 10 mins of more circling, we finally found a parking at Jusco 1U parking lot which is outside under the hot sun. TH (I should really give him a nickname) later insisted that he buy me a cake at Secret Recipe, but I insisted on an american brownie.

"I wanna try too!"
"OMG, something is so wrong with this brownie..."

It was absolutely ROCK HARD!! I am never going to the Secret Recipe at 1 Utama again. I ended up never making a complaint becoz it has been a long time since I've eaten a brownie there and while 'chewing' on the brownie, I was like wondering "are all brownies suppose to be this hard?"

hm... looking back at that sentence it can sound pretty dirty in another sense...heh heh. Btw, if you notice, I seem to have a lot of purple on my eye-lids, mayb a bit too much. First time putting on colour-make up la... so can forgive me!

Later that night TH brought me over to have dinner at "The Ship". Everything was again "mother's day menu", "mother's day special". We were the only couple there for quite a while. Everyone else had mothers and children having dinner there.T_T *Tears* The food at the ship is GREAT and so is the service.(It was only until today did a friend recommend that the lobster there is the best. I never got to try it!)
Look! Mother's Day Edition Menu!

Sizzling Chicken Fillet
Look at it sizzle! All that smoke
Grilled Salmon....
The waitress insisted he wears a bib. It comes together
for all those who dare order the sizzling chicken!

Outside "The Ship"

Finished dinner around 8 pm, and TH brought me to the Eye of Malaysia. Its the largest ferris wheel in the whole of Malaysia. Not putting up many pictures here because somehow the camera takes blurry pictures when its too dark, despite switching on 'night mode'.
Eye on Malaysia
To be very honest, the view there wasn't great. I was hoping to see a fantastic view of KL city, but was extremely dissapointed. All I saw was the KLCC and KL tower, there weren't many lights of the city and somehow a tennis courts seems to be the bigger centre of attention (this is also due to the fact the tennis court has got 8 huge spotlight on). It cost about RM15/ adult and the wheel goes around 7 times. Worth it? I suppose.. but after the 3rd round you're actually begging to get of the thing!! Aside from that, it was still worth a visit to see one of Malaysia's tourism spots, and they did have a laser light show that was OK. =>

Thanks TH and Anchovy(for the camera) for such a wonderful birthday! And not forgetting my friends who celebrated 4 days in advance with me at Peppercorn. Check out link

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