17 May 2007

AC is smelly....

I REALLY WANNA watch "Blades of Glory"

Had dinner with Sam, Twacie, & Anchovy at Asia Cafe just now. We saw the "Malaysian Today" newspaper advertising it and looks freakin' funny! (plus upon closer inspection, it looked like Will Ferrell was grabbing the blue guy's crotch) I miss watching shows where I can keep going "haa haa! hee hee!" till tears start coming out of my eyes, and my stomach hurts, and I seriously do not want to laugh anymore but my mouth can't stop moving.

Tracy was complaining "It looks sooooooo gay..." but that's the whole point why its funny isn't it?

Found the *censored*-grabbing picture.....(bit small though)


okay okay.
moving on though,
Anchovy asked me yesterday whether I've met anyone who's ever had the same birthday as me?
Thinking back I quite sad ler...
The first and only person I've ever met whose had the same birthdate as me was this policewoman at the Balai Polis when I went to report my lost IC. She was like, "EH! You punya birthday sama dengan I!" and seemed very happy about it.

Oh well, how many people can actually claim they know a policewoman with the same birthdate as them?

Enough crap. Time to concentrate back on Criminal Law OAPA. I GOTTA PASS THIS THING!!!


eh! nearly forgot to mention a few days ago some 6 malay guys in a black myvi robbed my housemate and her bf in front of my house. lazy to write about it but twacie has thoughtfully (more like 'coincidentally') blogged about it while i was busy bitching away on msn. see link.

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