27 May 2007

Super Super long post

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! This is going to be one of those post that has many many prom and cam-whore pics.

I am experiencing post-exam happiness right now~!! My finals ended on Friday last week actually at 5 pm but I never got around to expressing my 'inexpressible' happiness after the exams. Oddly enough, on the day itself nothing happened and none of my classmates went out. Not even for yamca.

But moving on, saturday was our Law Ball Prom 2007. Tracy, Sam and I prepared for prom together at Tracy's place. I really recommend this hair saloon called "SPAZIO" located next to PinKee and opposite mamak Darrusalam in ss15. All three of us went to set our hair there together while conversing on super bimbotic topics. Sam did the whole 'japanese style' look, Tracy's had hers half-curly and I had my hair blown
Going for the "I'm too-glamorous-for-this-photo-look"

Many of you have 'kindly' commented during the law prom that my hair does not look any different from my ordinary school day hair. I shall go on to prove you wrong, observe:

Now do you notice the difference? My hair (in after) is more volumous, more shiny, and even has curls at the end. So now nobody can say "your hair does not make a difference" It does people~!!
Tracy's lucious curls

Thank God for a thing called 'foundation'...(I mean this in a good way!)

Don't kill me Tracy for posting up this pic!Its too hot to ignore!

Even our driver to prom has to be gorgeous

Okay, so we were a wee bit late for prom, just a little over 8pm.
And all the girls looked gorgeous beside Paul in his coat

Picture of the boys:(from right) Mak, Melvyn and Keng Soon

Guess the murderer? play during the Law Ball

Strike fear in your hearts ladies, SCREAM!!!

Ok fellas, CUT!!! Time for my tea break.

OH MY GAWD~! We've finally got this picture down to perfection gals!

Winner of the whose the murderer game (the male)

The BIGGEST EVER NEWS of my life is here, and for the first time in my entire life, I HAVE WON A LUCKY DRAW!!!!! (*screeeaaaammsssss!*) The irony of it is that in the first place, I was cursing my 'lucky number' which was No.03 for being a 'stupid number'

Cheryl: What la this kind of number? 03? Memang stupid betul. Everyone knows that single digits never win. Only doubles. (the highest no. at the time was around 80 I think)

And its not one of those lucky draws where 9/10 people are bound to get something. It was one of those only 10 ONLY PRIZES to be given away things~! The prize they gave me was this huge coffee-maker. The only thing is--I don't really need a coffee maker. The instructions also say it can make up to ten cups of coffee. But walau eh, I only one person how to finish 10 cups in a day unless I open a mamak? I am still however going to keep this wonderful coffee-maker because it is still the FIRST LUCKY DRAW I've ever won! muahahahahah.

Mmmm...plastic flowers smell so sweet...

After prom, things took a turn for the worse however because we were supposed to go clubbing around Asian Heritage after that. On the way there, most of my friends got lost, and only 2 cars made it to Asian Heritage. After an hour of waiting, and the time approaching near to club-closing time, Gentry decided that we should just head on over to Murni because "at least everyone will know where it is."

So dissapointed with how the night turned out. But at least we could still spend time together! Embrassed, but the girls still insisted at cam-whoring with full make up and prom dresses in a mamak, regardless of the many many stares...

What are a bunch of hot girls doing in a mamak???!!!

By the time we reached Tracy's house, it was already 4 am. Me, Sam and Melvyn slumber partied over at her house. We braided each other hair, watched chick flick movies, and gossiped about the hunk next door .....................NOT.Hello! We're all 20 already! What we actually did was play a round of cards and watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S till we felt sleepy.. by then it was 6am. I so need my sleep right now as well. LOL. Continue again tomorrow about this sunday.....night....

[edit] Some things that you never knew about prom....
1. Did you know that we would have gotten hand-gifts from "DUREX" (yes, its the condom making company) just that the Programe Heads rejected it?
2. That the Law School actually last minutely refused to sponsor our law prom? RIDICULOUS!! What's the point of asking the Law Society of organising a Law Ball Prom if you (Law School) refuse to sponsor it anyways?? rubbish!


  1. Euphrasia29 May, 2007

    Sexy women! You all had such nice hair!! Maybe you should blow dry your hair everyday before you go out! It looks really good on you esp after you trimmed your fringe! Very classy!! You're right, Tracy looks too hot to ignore. She is seductive!

  2. ahahahaha!! yes yes, but still kena 'lectured' by her after that for putting it up :P