23 May 2007

Story of Jay Chou

Actually I'm very tempted to write about that *cursed* word but a promise is a promise! nothing about that *cursed word* in today's post. Reserve that for tomorrow.. =)

Today is the 2nd last day of my finals, but I already feel like I've completed the whole thing. Poor GPL and Mr.Jo... always neglected. (sounds like Su Wen. hahaha!)

What I was going to blog about was the story of Jay Chou. I didn't really know his background very well, until Anchovy told me some stuff about him last week that made me like "walau" Never knew stuff like this about him.

Apparently since he was a kid he already had a passionate love for music (obviously). But his dad was constantly angry at him ,being the typical chinese father, because jay chou was horrible academically. The dad used to constantly argue with the mom who works as a teacher, who would secretly bought a piano and a cello for jay chou. She had spent their savings on him and the dad was furious. His parents got a divorced years later, but his mother never gave up hope in him, continously supporting his love of music.

Jay Chou used to work in this Italian restaurant in Taiwan as a waiter before he became famous, AND was an extremely clumsy waiter constantly dropping food. Basically he was quite useless and the owner was constantly scolding him as well. But the italian restaurant had a piano in the corner of the room, and his fame started there when he played "Chopin" on the piano. The owner, overhearing him playing from then on asked him to stop waiting tables and start being the pianist. The restaurant soon became famous for the 'very excellent pianist player'.

His mom encouraged him to do an audition for a SuperStar Search. Jay Chou was too shy to go alone so he asked another good friend to audition with him, who was unfortunately a horrible singer and ruined the whole duet. Displeased, the producers were about to reject them when he read Jay Chou's script and thought that there was a 'potential' there. Jay Chou begged the producers for a second chance. The producer then said "If you can write for me 50 songs in 10 days,I guarantee I'll produce your album."

Jay Chou was true to his word and in 10days, he had written compositions and lyrics for 50 songs.

Stunned, the producers agreed to what they promise. They picked 10 of the best songs and even then were still thinking that if they could reach break-even cost with the album, even then that would be very good. Little did they expect such success in the asia music industry that cashed in millions.

That is why even until now Jay Chou is still so indebted to his mother, and grandmother (but I dunno what her story has got to do with his life) and titled his album after them. He has entrusted all his $millions$ under his mother's care.

Anyways, here are a few clips of Jay Chou's excellent piano skills on YouTube.

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