22 March 2009

Jetting Off

WHEEE!! Aaron has come over to UK for about 2 weeks (Thank God I've got my bloody writting credit settled!)

We're going to Germany + Swiss. I'll try to update whenever I can if there is internet access. lol.

I will miss you girls! *Sobs* This will be my first time spending a week away from you guys since I came here six months ago. I will be a better, bigger bimbo after I come back.

I can't wait to see try out taste German sausages. They will never sound right in a sentence.

20 March 2009

Hee hee haa haa!!!!

Company law is my least favourite subject for two reasons:
1)it is amazingly boring. You cannot believe how boring and dry company law is. It is probably the most boringest boring boringer subject after land law.

2) The lecturer puts me to sleep like a baby. I can be typing halfway on my laptop and next thing I know my head is already rolled backwards on the chair. I can't help it, I can even doze off halfways while typing. I amaze me sometimes too.

So here I am now, roughly a month away from my finals. Its time to sift through all those notes I've supposedly type during class. And I really really need those notes now. The problem is, I was dozing off while typing them. An extract from my company law notes:

- utr iteerstkn tcompetitin of thisi
- director isfree t d thiis as ln duvtnitate the interest f the
- its like asking the director to walk along the tile just to ensure no divulge of competny profit, etc,
- no specific section in 2006 deals with us bu t competitibe condjct could

5) infrkatin
6) in the ctntract ofa conteatar dak everbnid. Diectr’ of the cm had to died wcfih ne tecommend.
7) D has 2 be hones tto S and not miss leade tme.
8) Failed to disclose to the shareolders that the T had failed to recfnised
9) Herren international : having reach the cm thtis the cmpan’ interst t b taover at all. Directrs shud cncern th e intereste of the ccrrenly shareholder. Judge went out ssu that included taking tdirectors themselves oin
10) D.190 required shareholder apppbalrfr acquidatin nad arolrsprgdels

I'm right now going "CIBAI!!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS I DOING IN CLASS??????" No notes for me T_T .

I am going to die.

18 March 2009

I want a costume

Which one should I invest in? Hm... So many to chooose from...

Preferably looking for something sweet, slightly slutty and with frills. There's a store in Reading that apparently has a massive warehouse of costumes & dress-up accessories. I can't wait to go there! I will probably bring Aaron there if he wants to when he gets to the UK.

I'm so excited that he's coming over! *happiness* ^^




Red-Riding Hood


Ring Master


Cupid. Sam says cutesy until want to vomit blood.


Erotic Playboy bunny (can't go wrong)




Slutty Alice in Wonderland


Anorexic Queen from Alice in Wonderland


Slutty Bo-Beep


Ghostbuster with cleavage

There are loads and loads of pirate costumes which I absolutely adore!






French Maid


Bar Girl from Ireland



There are some other costumes there that really look quite dumb. LOL>>>>





Oh, HAPPY ST. Patrick's Day!

16 March 2009


For the Dining Room
- lining the wall with random photography pictures, and leaving some parts of the wall empty so that guests can leave random notes!

Nautical bathroom

Its a rather purple living room. I like.

Atmospheric bedroom. Looks so amazingly cosy



I love how there's a wall curtain behind the bed.

Makes me wanna re-vamp my bedroom!!

Ideas are all from:

12 March 2009

USA Presidents

You must be wondering "What in the world does strip mugs have to do with USA presidents?" Hee Hee.

I'll tell you later.

Sam & I first found out about strip mugs from Magdeline, who got one as a birthday gift. Since then (i.e 4 months later) we swore we would get one for ourselves before we left UK.

And whaddayaknow, yesterday while shopping in town at Ann Summers we found them! And to each her own.

I is loving my Tarzan one while Sam loves her hunky fireman

Oh man, the firehose looks sooo wrong

We started using our mugs almost immediately. I've never been so excited to make coffee.

I think its easy to expect what happened next after I made my coffee:

You know what, screw PG-13 and little children. They suck anyways.


Oh, and his buddy Prez.Clinton. :)

Got a reason we named them that way okay? Sam named hers after President Clinton coz she loves Monica Lewisky but you know, she can't call her man-cup Monica well can she?

Mine's called Bush..... cause........ its not hard to guess............

May President Bush continue to keep my coffee warm for the years to come.

P/S: In case you're wondering why the photos are so dark its because our kitchen lights got busted. We had to eat using a study lamp.

p/p/s: Sam's has updated about her birthday! Clicky link here.

11 March 2009


Fresh full cream milk is the most delicious milk of all.

If I have a cat, that's the only milk its going to be drinking coz its fuckin fantastic. I love obese furry pets. Their just too darn adorable.

I love cows so much more for producing full cream.

But I can't drink it often coz its too fattening! .Sadness.

Nuff said. Time to get back to Iraq.

8 March 2009

Garret Neff

For CalvinKlein underwear collection fall 2008





Coz I need some cheering up.


You know what I just decided I needed more cheering up.







Feast your eyes more, here.

Oxford II

Boo-hoo. Was feverish , cough-hacking and lost my voice today so I finally went to see a GP at 9am today coz that was the only slot they had.

When I went there together with suwen (THANKS DEARIE FOR WAKING UP ON A SATURDAY MORN!) all the doc told me is "well love, looks like you've got the common flu. Its a normal virus. Just get plenty of rest, eat properly, and stay warm'

I looked at him with wtf-eyes asking him "aren't you going to give me antibiotics?" I seriously can't afford to stay sick now!!!

Doc: Nope, you don't need them. Just head over to the pharmacy and get yourself some cough syrup. now off you go. Cheerio!

WTTTFFFF. Wake up at 8am to go visit the doc only to be told to go back home and sleep some more. =______=

Who the heck says Cheerio anyways?? Isn't that a cereal?


Updates on Oxford!

Took some funny pics around town :)


It was literally just a statute of a naked man standing on top of the building. For one brief moment we all thought he was real!

The dining hall at night

Seriously super super super cool. All the students had to wear Harry Potter black gowns while dining.

And just like the movie, the professors have a special table for themselves on an elevated floor, with napkins + better silverware from us low-lifes below. lol.

I swear I saw this woman that was dressed just likc McGonagall cuz even the professors had to wear long black gowns while dining.

Sigh, I'm just so unphotogenic these days

Had prawn salad appetizer which was simply amazing

Roast potatoes, cheese cauliflower & tender beef slices for the main meal (forgot to take pic. was starving.)

Eat your greens


And it was Apple Crumble Custard Pie for dessert

The whole meal was a mere: 5 pounds!! I LOVE OXFORD!!

I'm really so thankful we knew Ben who is cousins with Adelaide who is the girlfriend of Thomas who is a transfer student from US who studies at Oxford University who took his dating day off with Adelaide to show us around.

Big hugs to them :)