20 March 2009

Hee hee haa haa!!!!

Company law is my least favourite subject for two reasons:
1)it is amazingly boring. You cannot believe how boring and dry company law is. It is probably the most boringest boring boringer subject after land law.

2) The lecturer puts me to sleep like a baby. I can be typing halfway on my laptop and next thing I know my head is already rolled backwards on the chair. I can't help it, I can even doze off halfways while typing. I amaze me sometimes too.

So here I am now, roughly a month away from my finals. Its time to sift through all those notes I've supposedly type during class. And I really really need those notes now. The problem is, I was dozing off while typing them. An extract from my company law notes:

- utr iteerstkn tcompetitin of thisi
- director isfree t d thiis as ln duvtnitate the interest f the
- its like asking the director to walk along the tile just to ensure no divulge of competny profit, etc,
- no specific section in 2006 deals with us bu t competitibe condjct could

5) infrkatin
6) in the ctntract ofa conteatar dak everbnid. Diectr’ of the cm had to died wcfih ne tecommend.
7) D has 2 be hones tto S and not miss leade tme.
8) Failed to disclose to the shareolders that the T had failed to recfnised
9) Herren international : having reach the cm thtis the cmpan’ interst t b taover at all. Directrs shud cncern th e intereste of the ccrrenly shareholder. Judge went out ssu that included taking tdirectors themselves oin
10) D.190 required shareholder apppbalrfr acquidatin nad arolrsprgdels

I'm right now going "CIBAI!!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS I DOING IN CLASS??????" No notes for me T_T .

I am going to die.

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