8 March 2009

Oxford II

Boo-hoo. Was feverish , cough-hacking and lost my voice today so I finally went to see a GP at 9am today coz that was the only slot they had.

When I went there together with suwen (THANKS DEARIE FOR WAKING UP ON A SATURDAY MORN!) all the doc told me is "well love, looks like you've got the common flu. Its a normal virus. Just get plenty of rest, eat properly, and stay warm'

I looked at him with wtf-eyes asking him "aren't you going to give me antibiotics?" I seriously can't afford to stay sick now!!!

Doc: Nope, you don't need them. Just head over to the pharmacy and get yourself some cough syrup. now off you go. Cheerio!

WTTTFFFF. Wake up at 8am to go visit the doc only to be told to go back home and sleep some more. =______=

Who the heck says Cheerio anyways?? Isn't that a cereal?


Updates on Oxford!

Took some funny pics around town :)


It was literally just a statute of a naked man standing on top of the building. For one brief moment we all thought he was real!

The dining hall at night

Seriously super super super cool. All the students had to wear Harry Potter black gowns while dining.

And just like the movie, the professors have a special table for themselves on an elevated floor, with napkins + better silverware from us low-lifes below. lol.

I swear I saw this woman that was dressed just likc McGonagall cuz even the professors had to wear long black gowns while dining.

Sigh, I'm just so unphotogenic these days

Had prawn salad appetizer which was simply amazing

Roast potatoes, cheese cauliflower & tender beef slices for the main meal (forgot to take pic. was starving.)

Eat your greens


And it was Apple Crumble Custard Pie for dessert

The whole meal was a mere: 5 pounds!! I LOVE OXFORD!!

I'm really so thankful we knew Ben who is cousins with Adelaide who is the girlfriend of Thomas who is a transfer student from US who studies at Oxford University who took his dating day off with Adelaide to show us around.

Big hugs to them :)

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