27 June 2007

Tag: 7 Random things about me

I was tagged by JoJo (>_<) . So here goes!!! (yes, I'm bored enough to do this)
How random can I get ah? I'll try my best.

1. I PASSSED EVERYTHING!! yup, that's right. My law first year finals are over and I've gotten my results. I do not have to retake or be stuck in first year again with a new batch of snotty-17-year-olds. Boy am I glad I can see all my classmates' faces in second year!

2. The largest mole on my body is on my left foot. Ok, I really just wanted to be random

3. I HATE my high forehead. It has given me nicknames like horse, seahorse (when I'm in a swimming pool) , donkey, pony, etc. Basically most mammals with four legs.

4. I am considering dying my hair brown with slightly blonde highlights over the holidays. Any advise ppl?

5. I am in LOVE with the latest trend of 'fully wrapped shoes'. For those who are blur blur, here's a pic:

At the same time, I'm scared of buying one bcoz I only like the high-heeled ones but am scared of looking like an imported ang moh-amazon woman.

6. I am an avid-dog lover. Show me any doggy that has longan black eyes and I will fall head over heels in luuurrrvee with it.

How can you say "NO DOGGIE!" to this??

7. I detest sports! even though oddly enough, I am very tanned. There are some who love sports but still remain so fair. bloody hell. The irony of it.

26 June 2007

How to make Zhang

Zhang, or Zhung Zhi is sticky rice wrapped in a pyramid shape. K la, when I show u all the picture you will sure get it. When I went over to TH's place in Sekinchan, his mom showed me how to make a Zhang. Technically actually, I don't know how to make the ingredients, but she thought me how to wrap it into that notorious pyramid like shape.
Step #1:

You must have 2 leaves. Both leaves must be one on top of the other, both facing opposite directions from each other.

Now make those leaves into a cone-shape.Think 'ice-cream'

Fill in a bit of rice at the bottom before putting in the 'liaw'(meaty ingredients)

Your 'liaw' must have fatty pork, mushrooms, and nuts. Eggs are optional.

After putting in the liaw, fill up the cone to the brim with rice. Flatten the rice till it creates a smooth surface using a spoon

Start folding!! Bend the leaves forward

Try your best to make it as triangle as possible. (I couldn't...) Tie the whole thing with a string to keep it in place.

I love a man who knows how to make his own Zhang. haha!

Below are more photos on my trip to Sekinchan. The paddy at the time is turning yellow, ready for harvest. TH brought me to look at the paddy fields on a motorbike. Its exhilarating to feel the wind in your hair and face and breathe in fresh... paddy air? anywayz, enjoy da pics ^_^

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22 June 2007

Male Nipples

During JoJo's B-Day, she commented although Wu Zun (actor in the hit-series Hanakimi) had an oh-to-die-for hot body, when she saw a picture of his half naked torso in the newspapers it totally put her off. Why??

Because his nipples were tiny!!

I said that I never noticed such facts before! So I went home and did my homework. Here is a picture of Wu Zhun's torso

Honestly, I still can't really tell whether his nipple size falls below the "minimum requirement?" hm... maybe what we need is a little comparison....








Ok, now its a little more obvious. JoJo is right. His nipples are wee wee compared with his other famous male celebrities. Even the tits on the unknown model looks bigger. But personally this question should be directed at guys reading this blog who have male nipples.

So what do you think???

Are Wu Zun's nipples really too small??

But Wu Zun,be your nipples big or small I still think you're sooo good looking!! Here are some random pics I found off the net.

What is Wu Zun doing promoting Barbie cosmetics?

Did you know? There is actually a story behind this picture above. Never knew he was THAT muscular right? Wu Zun used to work as a gym intructor in Brunei before becoming famous. This picture is actually suppossed to be banned because Wu Zun's Hong Kong and Taiwan agents did not want his previous underwear photos to leak out to the public because they were afraid these pictures will tarnish the 'now' image that they have created for him in celerbity dome. They had actually kept it under lock & key, but somehow his previous underwear modelling pics leaked out all over the internet.

But eventually all good things will come to an end and their oh-so-handsome bodies will succumb to the wear&tear of age...with a little less yellow

21 June 2007

Real Life Simpsons Intro

This video I found on youtube is really good. Anyone who watches The Simpsons before will appreciate this~

19 June 2007


I went to sleepover at Su Wen's house last night. First thing I discovered, Brownie is seriously a very fierce dog. Su Wen insisted that the fact that he barks at me, growls, and convulses his body in a peculiar way in which looks like he is about to lounge at me does not mean that Brownie hates me.Thank God he had a chain on him.

Brownie growled something like this, but less like he was going to give birth and is not a Dalmation.

Aside from that, Brownie is a good-looking dog. I like Su Wen's neighbourhood. The houses look nice and freshly painted, none of those icky black streak marks from wear and tear of aircon water or leaky pipes. I missed Su Wen so much! We spent the whole day talking and talking about all the oudated gossip.

We were talking about the topic of puberty when she told me this story. Her sister's primary school fren, let's call her A, is in primary 5. Puberty age as we all know. She just started growing armpit hair and didn't shave it. Another male classmate (boys reach puberty later), let's call him B, went up to ask her, "Hey, why is hair growing from your armpit?"

Shyly, A replied "Haiya! Go ask your mother! She will know the answer wan!"
B went to ask his mother. The next day, A curiously asked him,"So what did your mother say?"

B replied "My mother say If I ask again, she will slap me."
Hahahahaha!! Hope that made you guys laugh. ^_^

15 June 2007

Paddington Pancakes

Sounds as yummy as its name~! Actually meant to blog about this for nearly a week but only just got the photos now. Paddington Pancakes is located in the Curve at the Street. And yes, everything there is pancakes from all over the world~! They have american pancakes, UK pancakes, Germany pancakes, its just absolutely crazy the amount of pancake choice they have there from different parts of the world.

TH and I chose the american pancakes which not only looked big but was probably one of the cheaper end pancakes. Hehehe. Prices are a bit steep ranging from rm11.90 to as high as rm33.90 for pancakes, ours was RM14.90++...............but daaaaammmnnnnn nice~! We ordered american pancakes with the topping choice of whipped cream and vanilla ice-cream, sprinkled with almond flakes and strawberries & bananas by the side.......mmmm. Thinking about it makes me drool already.

add with honey and voila~! american pancakes

Constantly posing with food

Obviously someone is too busy smiling at the food instead of the camera

Just to show you how satisfied we were....

Actually guys, pay attention to the plate that they served the pancakes on. I actually went out and bought the exact same plate.. *SCREAMS!!* I can't believe I fell in love with the plate as well. I bought it at Living Quarters sale for 70% of which is about RM11.90 and the plate is HUGE!! I still can't believe I fell in love with all things, a plate. Why couldn't I have fallen in love with normal things girls love like t-shirts and handbags?? But right now,I'm loving my plate very very much ^_^ (p/s: ppl, this is NOT a sign that for my birthday next year I want plates.)

12 June 2007

Read of the Day: Death by Scrabble

Argh... my life has become so boring, I've lost interesting things to blog about... I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually miss school life. Not really much complaints about my part-time job, it pays well and is super easy to do but is DAMN boring. Nothing exciting ever happens here. Why can't someone start a fight here? Throw the computers around a bit? Or some major huge virus attacks the whole system, causing mass chaos, and the ICT department is panicking to repair the damage?

Or why not a fire?? just a tiny tiny little one somewhere in the premises, easily accessible for my eyes from my work spot? ( I am not referring to tiny fires of cigarette smoke or matchsticks. Those don't count) I'm so bored, I would even be excited to see a pregnant cat give birth next to me during my working hours.

I found this site which showcase good short stories from famous authors. I particularly recommend this one light read story, Death By Scrabble by Charlie Fish. Seriously, if you're really that bored, you have absolutely no excuse to not read this because its only 4 pages long. Actually, a bit less than that. Its a fun an entertaining read about how a game of scrabble has serious consequences.


I went to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3 last night with Samantha and her housemate. Yeah, I know I'm damn slow. Now only than watch. Not bad la... A pretty good movie and the ending definitely has a hint of another 4th sequal.

For da girls....
When did Orlando Bloom suddenly seem so hot? In pirates of the Carribean 1 & 2, his part in the movie seem almost neglible, but in POC3, suddenly he seemed so...... madly rugged?????!!! Maybe its becauses the directors focused a lot on his character this time in the movie in stead of the usually Johnny Depp, but wow, all 3 of us were nodding our heads at how 'manly' he had becomed.... *sigh*

Maybe its his beard bristles? I dunno...

p/s: TH~! Don't worry lar... for me you still beat Orlando ^_^

*Movie Spoiler*
One thing though I particularly hated about the movie was Jack Sparrow's many many imaginary characters of himself. So damn annoying!!! Wasted valuable movie length time, and most of them were NOT even funny, just plain irritating. I also could not stand Keira Knightley's British accent. It really made it hard for me to understand some parts of her dialogue, and I usually ended up reading the BM subtitles below it. Sien...

But I absolutely loved the part when Sparrow figured out they had to turn the boat upside down, not wait for sunset. Somehow I keep thinking, "wow! damn cool!!" The special effects at the time was very well done, seeing all the water seem to empty out on the screen. Many other funny puns in the movie as well

Stayed over at Samantha's place that night, she was telling me about her 'exciting' trip to HK and a korean guy. Damn funny la her~! All those fun experiences. Eh, gals, next time you go HK you must really buy the branded perfume there. Its soooo worth it. Can get for about RM50 cheaper than in Malaysia if you look for the right places in HK. Sam tried to buy me Euphoria Blossom, by Calvin Klein but can you believe it? It was OUT OF STOCK!!! even all the samples were gone! Yes TH, I'm hinting. haha! Just kidding la actually... ^_^ But just in case you were curious TH, here is how the bottle looks like:

Can be found at outlets such as SASA, Parkson Grand, Metrojaya and Isetan. *cough**cough*

8 June 2007

Whose dog is better?

Had lunch with Su Wen.. I missed her soo much over the holidays! In order to understand this next post you must first read her blog, R.I.P about her dog, Brownie. Just to give a rough summary, Su Wen's dog Brownie accidentally killed an estranged squirrell that ran into her garden. I emphasise, Brownie only meant to play with it, not accidetally kill it.

Me: Wa liu eh, your dog kill squirrell, mine ever kill a duck before! I have no idea how that poor duck got into my house compound.
Su Wen: Duck ah? Hai yo, you know my dog ah, brought back a WHOLE TURKEY before!!
Me: Ok, my dog sure kalah already.... (*sweats*)

Furthermore the turkey belongs to someone else in the neighbourhood.... (*sweats profusely*) I forgot to ask her how they compensanted the turkey's family....

In case you were wondering what my mum did with the duck my doggy killed, she meticulously plucked out all its feathers, and boiled the whole thing for the dog's dinner. Lucky doggie ^_^


sorry folks, I got my facts wrong. Whineyave kindly corrected me. LOL!! sorry ya, my bad...

<whineyave>: oh and ah ma...the turkey my brownie brought back wasnt dead was alive but very i returned the whole turkey to the neighbour mungkin give her back a dead turkey and ask her roast rite...
<whineyave>: might as well roast it myself!!!

6 June 2007

Are you bored with nothing to do? Want to fool around with your photos online but have no idea how to work the whole 'photoshop' thingy?? Then go to! It allows you to post your pictures on blogs, and at the same time, saves your precious 1G of free space online~

Had some fun fooling around with a particular photo... hee hee ^_^
(**PS, for those in the photo who want me to take it down just tell me..)

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5 June 2007


Why is it that we get all the creeps here? Just now when I was about to go out, this super creepy indian guy approach me and my housemate at our gate, and asked us to pay RM60 for spraying the 'nyamuk aedes services'.

He even had a receipt printed nicely, with "CHEGAI AEDES SERVIES"

I just wanna tell you guys watch out for such con men. These services are supposed to be FREE provided by the government when spraying this medicine around the surrounding area. No one is allowed to charge you for such services.

My housemate called our landlord, and our landlord told us it is FREE and NOT to pay the guy any money. This fucking bastard then tries to open our gate, then I closed it and locked it in front of him.

Seriously beware of such a guy. He is of average height, rather heavy looking (fat), and is an indian man with a moustache. He goes around from door to door with his friend in this van that has a picture of a mosquito with a "no entry" red sign over the mosquito.

4 June 2007


Hello y'all...I'm now working part-time in the web. Damn kin tiou man! I just sat here for like, 10 mins (yeah, I was late 8 min for my first day of work today) and already 5 people came up to me with internet problems!!!

All of which I have absolutely no idea of solving????????!!!!!!!!!!

I thought people said that this job is going to be easy. Any problems with the internet or facilites, just call the ICT department. Even ICT department said there are hardly any problems. Bullshit. I sit here for the first 5 mins and I'm already dailing their no. because some annoying student keeps bugging me to fix the printer. My only reply was, "Eh... sorry. I'm really new here. I just started work just now."

The only proabout today is that its a holiday now for the SAM programme and the A-level students are now having exams so no time to play around with the computer... har har har.

2 June 2007

Cupcakes Galore!

3 posts in one day, whew! I found this gorgeous site called Cuppacakes after a friend recommend it to me some time ago, link
Its situated somewhere in Damansara, and they only accept order-only cupcakes. And their all REALLY GORGEOUS CUPCAKES. Its about 3.8cm in diameter I think, and really expensive. 49pcs already cost about RM50. One hole in your pocket. According to her, not only do they look good, their Super delicious.

Here are a few samples I got off from their site to wet your appettites.....

They all look too good to eat! A lot of people will also custom made these cupcakes as birthday presents and I think its a fantastic idea~

hehehe... I will never let you guys down for not putting up food Happy Drooling!


Went to Sing-K this friday at Galaxy yesterday using the student-package. RM7 per person plus 1 drink each, plus fries and fruits. worth it~! Unfortunately our two main karaoke singers JoJo and Melvyn not there were less chinese songs!! wheeee!! Me and Sammie (both bananas) went to sing soo many english hit songs.

We picked Ricky Martin "She Bangs!" (yes, brings back memories of William Hung from american idol dosen't it?) . Both of us sing until so happy till near the end of the song we realised we were the only two singing...LOL! The other 3 probably pengsan halfway.

After that went for dinner with Tiong How at "The Beans". TH finishing work later and later these days... only 9.30pm then he had his dinner with me!! super late. Sigh... so bad for the stomach. I order bubur cacar which is about RM2.00 a bowl, and TH told me they actually can earn 100% of the profit, which means that the bubur cacar is actually made of cheap stuff and probably cost about 30sen a bowl...ciz....spoil my appetitte.

Clubbing nite

After 3 whole days of being stuck at home, I'm so glad to be able to finally go out at night!! My only friends to 'hang' out with in KL are my classmates and bf, and all of them have been busy doing something else with other people... T_T. I Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddd more friends to make myself less pathetic during the

Clubbing clubbing, no idea whether I should say it was good or bad? That night I went to Qbar at Sunway Pyramid to club. It was the first time I went out with our classmates (and Jamie's first ever clubbing experience at 22 yrs! *snicker*) We went on a thursday so it was ladies night, and gals can go in clubs for FREE! Qbar was having RETRO night. What's RETRO? you ask?

Let me introduce you to some tunes such as.....YMCA! and I love you baby (whether its wrong or right)! I ask you ah, how to dance to this type of songs? Some more when we went in, we were so surprise to see so many old apeks in there... now we know why......
Sammie was even saying that she saw this apek glance at our group of young people, and was so happy to see 'that there are young people who love this kind of music'. Damn embrassing...

Tracy then suggested we ditched Qbar.

We went next door over to Flam, which played house and R&B. Not bad lor that club, not only do girls go in free, we get 2 free drinks each as well. All 6 of us girls and a guy got up on a slightly elevated platform and danced there. I learnt three new clubbing moves instead of just moving arms from side to side like I usually do. haha! Sammie and Tracy really rocked the dance floor, and were even invited by one of the organisers of the bar to dance on the centre stage! wooohooooo!!! And yes, sammie was very glad she bought those short shorts. ^_^

Ok, here comes the juicy bit guys (for those of you who can't stand vulgar words pls don't read on.....)
We got into a real cat fight with another girl. Thank God Jamie and JoJo left earlier. This B****h kept pushing Tracy and Suki when she forced herself onto where we were all dancing(bcoz she kept wanting all the guys to dance around her so constantly kept pushing them away), until she finally pushed the wrong gal to mess with. Sammie would have fallen down on the platform had Suki not caught her in time.

I was DAMN PISSED OFF when I saw it! I was thinking in my head, 'if Sammie pushed that B****h back right now I hope she falls down!"
And OMG, Sammie actually did. I was immediately thinking "serve her right!"

But the nerve! That indonesian b****h then got up and accused Sammie of pushing her! (ok la, we did do it) We counter back at her she did it first, she's been pushing us first all the time!

That B****h went on to say "NOO!!" She never did that before in her super sucky voice.

Even the bouncers' had to come in to intervene. Tracy was being rational and trying to sort things out, and so was that B****h's friend who was more rational and reasonable and at least tried to hear our side of the story. The B****h on the other hand was too busy telling all her other guy friends and that we pushed her, constantly pointing at us. Suki then said we'd better leave the club. Otherwise if this dispute cannot solve already, we might be brought to the balai polis. FCUK them.

After left the club, we were all so pissed off kau kau. We also found out we were law students kau kau. In the car, we were already dissing her and trying to find under what law we can charge her with, Battery! Assault! False Imprisonment! If we had already gotten our degrees she would get her ass kicked!

Terence(who was driving the car) brought us over to this mamak in Taipan called Ali something. Damn long name. But the chicken there is really really very nice!Tracy recommended the place and apparently and set meals there are very worth it. Its like 5.90 for nasi lemak+mango special, and in murni, one mango special alone already cost RM4. The only con is that this place is in Taipan and is quite confusing to get to, especially at night. Guys, lets go there again! I really wanna try the whole set ^_^

Reached home around nearly 3am. On another topic found something really funny on cheesie's blog Its all about hilarious vegetable poses. Check it out when you are super bored.