4 June 2007


Hello y'all...I'm now working part-time in the web. Damn kin tiou man! I just sat here for like, 10 mins (yeah, I was late 8 min for my first day of work today) and already 5 people came up to me with internet problems!!!

All of which I have absolutely no idea of solving????????!!!!!!!!!!

I thought people said that this job is going to be easy. Any problems with the internet or facilites, just call the ICT department. Even ICT department said there are hardly any problems. Bullshit. I sit here for the first 5 mins and I'm already dailing their no. because some annoying student keeps bugging me to fix the printer. My only reply was, "Eh... sorry. I'm really new here. I just started work just now."

The only proabout today is that its a holiday now for the SAM programme and the A-level students are now having exams so no time to play around with the computer... har har har.

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