8 June 2007

Whose dog is better?

Had lunch with Su Wen.. I missed her soo much over the holidays! In order to understand this next post you must first read her blog, R.I.P about her dog, Brownie. Just to give a rough summary, Su Wen's dog Brownie accidentally killed an estranged squirrell that ran into her garden. I emphasise, Brownie only meant to play with it, not accidetally kill it.

Me: Wa liu eh, your dog kill squirrell, mine ever kill a duck before! I have no idea how that poor duck got into my house compound.
Su Wen: Duck ah? Hai yo, you know my dog ah, brought back a WHOLE TURKEY before!!
Me: Ok, my dog sure kalah already.... (*sweats*)

Furthermore the turkey belongs to someone else in the neighbourhood.... (*sweats profusely*) I forgot to ask her how they compensanted the turkey's family....

In case you were wondering what my mum did with the duck my doggy killed, she meticulously plucked out all its feathers, and boiled the whole thing for the dog's dinner. Lucky doggie ^_^


sorry folks, I got my facts wrong. Whineyave kindly corrected me. LOL!! sorry ya, my bad...

<whineyave>: oh and ah ma...the turkey my brownie brought back wasnt dead was alive but very i returned the whole turkey to the neighbour mungkin give her back a dead turkey and ask her roast rite...
<whineyave>: might as well roast it myself!!!


  1. my dog bite ppl wan wor. i mean strangers lah. that time at night very dark, my neighbour came over without informing. my dog was loose so he bit me neighbour's leg. i guess my dog is well-trained muahahaha

  2. our doggies like to prove they can do 'more'. LOL!

  3. wah, ur dog also damn scary ler~!!ahahha!