22 June 2007

Male Nipples

During JoJo's B-Day, she commented although Wu Zun (actor in the hit-series Hanakimi) had an oh-to-die-for hot body, when she saw a picture of his half naked torso in the newspapers it totally put her off. Why??

Because his nipples were tiny!!

I said that I never noticed such facts before! So I went home and did my homework. Here is a picture of Wu Zhun's torso

Honestly, I still can't really tell whether his nipple size falls below the "minimum requirement?" hm... maybe what we need is a little comparison....








Ok, now its a little more obvious. JoJo is right. His nipples are wee wee compared with his other famous male celebrities. Even the tits on the unknown model looks bigger. But personally this question should be directed at guys reading this blog who have male nipples.

So what do you think???

Are Wu Zun's nipples really too small??

But Wu Zun,be your nipples big or small I still think you're sooo good looking!! Here are some random pics I found off the net.

What is Wu Zun doing promoting Barbie cosmetics?

Did you know? There is actually a story behind this picture above. Never knew he was THAT muscular right? Wu Zun used to work as a gym intructor in Brunei before becoming famous. This picture is actually suppossed to be banned because Wu Zun's Hong Kong and Taiwan agents did not want his previous underwear photos to leak out to the public because they were afraid these pictures will tarnish the 'now' image that they have created for him in celerbity dome. They had actually kept it under lock & key, but somehow his previous underwear modelling pics leaked out all over the internet.

But eventually all good things will come to an end and their oh-so-handsome bodies will succumb to the wear&tear of age...with a little less yellow

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  1. That's interesting discovery... Wu Chun has small nipples? Wow! Gotta share with my friends!