29 May 2007

End of May is near...

Coming to the end of the month..... can't believe I've had a blog up till this long! I had kinda thought I'll get bored of it in a few weeks. But as promised, here is the post of what we all did after prom the next day
Went to Rakuzen to eat some 'chow' for lunch. The buffet lunch was RM53++ per person, but it is SUPER good. OMG, just thinking about it right now I can die on the spot... all the Japanese food you want, just order off the menu~ How many times can you do that in your life?? I ORDER all of you reading this blog right now to save up your money and eat a buffet lunch at RAKUZEN in KL one day.

Rakuzen is located somewhere in KL near Starhill Gallery (which is next to Lot10, which is next to Sg.Wang, which is next to the monorail station, the list goes on...)
All the brownies together and one hot pink mama~
The stairway leading up to the restaurant

Okay~Enough of the restaurant background! Time to show you guys who didn't go what you're really missing out on:
Shashimi (ok, might be a turn off for those who don't enjoy raw food)

Eh...some kind of sushi. but still yummy!

One of everyone's favourite. soft-shell crab sushi

Salmon salad

Dig in!

Baby Octopus~ Sam's finger poking at it

AAAHHHH!!! Unagi !!

Green Tea dessert ice-cream

Thanks to my son-in-law n daughter for bringing us to this place ^_^

We actually ate a lot more food than shown here because we were too busy eating to take pictures. Pictures don't do any justice to the taste of the food, it must be manually tasted. Okay everybody, say it with me again one more time, eat at! :

27 May 2007

Super Super long post

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! This is going to be one of those post that has many many prom and cam-whore pics.

I am experiencing post-exam happiness right now~!! My finals ended on Friday last week actually at 5 pm but I never got around to expressing my 'inexpressible' happiness after the exams. Oddly enough, on the day itself nothing happened and none of my classmates went out. Not even for yamca.

But moving on, saturday was our Law Ball Prom 2007. Tracy, Sam and I prepared for prom together at Tracy's place. I really recommend this hair saloon called "SPAZIO" located next to PinKee and opposite mamak Darrusalam in ss15. All three of us went to set our hair there together while conversing on super bimbotic topics. Sam did the whole 'japanese style' look, Tracy's had hers half-curly and I had my hair blown
Going for the "I'm too-glamorous-for-this-photo-look"

Many of you have 'kindly' commented during the law prom that my hair does not look any different from my ordinary school day hair. I shall go on to prove you wrong, observe:

Now do you notice the difference? My hair (in after) is more volumous, more shiny, and even has curls at the end. So now nobody can say "your hair does not make a difference" It does people~!!
Tracy's lucious curls

Thank God for a thing called 'foundation'...(I mean this in a good way!)

Don't kill me Tracy for posting up this pic!Its too hot to ignore!

Even our driver to prom has to be gorgeous

Okay, so we were a wee bit late for prom, just a little over 8pm.
And all the girls looked gorgeous beside Paul in his coat

Picture of the boys:(from right) Mak, Melvyn and Keng Soon

Guess the murderer? play during the Law Ball

Strike fear in your hearts ladies, SCREAM!!!

Ok fellas, CUT!!! Time for my tea break.

OH MY GAWD~! We've finally got this picture down to perfection gals!

Winner of the whose the murderer game (the male)

The BIGGEST EVER NEWS of my life is here, and for the first time in my entire life, I HAVE WON A LUCKY DRAW!!!!! (*screeeaaaammsssss!*) The irony of it is that in the first place, I was cursing my 'lucky number' which was No.03 for being a 'stupid number'

Cheryl: What la this kind of number? 03? Memang stupid betul. Everyone knows that single digits never win. Only doubles. (the highest no. at the time was around 80 I think)

And its not one of those lucky draws where 9/10 people are bound to get something. It was one of those only 10 ONLY PRIZES to be given away things~! The prize they gave me was this huge coffee-maker. The only thing is--I don't really need a coffee maker. The instructions also say it can make up to ten cups of coffee. But walau eh, I only one person how to finish 10 cups in a day unless I open a mamak? I am still however going to keep this wonderful coffee-maker because it is still the FIRST LUCKY DRAW I've ever won! muahahahahah.

Mmmm...plastic flowers smell so sweet...

After prom, things took a turn for the worse however because we were supposed to go clubbing around Asian Heritage after that. On the way there, most of my friends got lost, and only 2 cars made it to Asian Heritage. After an hour of waiting, and the time approaching near to club-closing time, Gentry decided that we should just head on over to Murni because "at least everyone will know where it is."

So dissapointed with how the night turned out. But at least we could still spend time together! Embrassed, but the girls still insisted at cam-whoring with full make up and prom dresses in a mamak, regardless of the many many stares...

What are a bunch of hot girls doing in a mamak???!!!

By the time we reached Tracy's house, it was already 4 am. Me, Sam and Melvyn slumber partied over at her house. We braided each other hair, watched chick flick movies, and gossiped about the hunk next door .....................NOT.Hello! We're all 20 already! What we actually did was play a round of cards and watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S till we felt sleepy.. by then it was 6am. I so need my sleep right now as well. LOL. Continue again tomorrow about this sunday.....night....

[edit] Some things that you never knew about prom....
1. Did you know that we would have gotten hand-gifts from "DUREX" (yes, its the condom making company) just that the Programe Heads rejected it?
2. That the Law School actually last minutely refused to sponsor our law prom? RIDICULOUS!! What's the point of asking the Law Society of organising a Law Ball Prom if you (Law School) refuse to sponsor it anyways?? rubbish!

24 May 2007


While studying GPL, I was also browsing through some old photos on my computer taken with my classmates. It was then I noticed one particular thing in common....
CAN YOU ALL STOP PUTTING YOUR HAND ON MY HEAD??? and for those of you still reading this blog, you should be paying attention on your studies.muahahaha. goodnight people

23 May 2007

Story of Jay Chou

Actually I'm very tempted to write about that *cursed* word but a promise is a promise! nothing about that *cursed word* in today's post. Reserve that for tomorrow.. =)

Today is the 2nd last day of my finals, but I already feel like I've completed the whole thing. Poor GPL and Mr.Jo... always neglected. (sounds like Su Wen. hahaha!)

What I was going to blog about was the story of Jay Chou. I didn't really know his background very well, until Anchovy told me some stuff about him last week that made me like "walau" Never knew stuff like this about him.

Apparently since he was a kid he already had a passionate love for music (obviously). But his dad was constantly angry at him ,being the typical chinese father, because jay chou was horrible academically. The dad used to constantly argue with the mom who works as a teacher, who would secretly bought a piano and a cello for jay chou. She had spent their savings on him and the dad was furious. His parents got a divorced years later, but his mother never gave up hope in him, continously supporting his love of music.

Jay Chou used to work in this Italian restaurant in Taiwan as a waiter before he became famous, AND was an extremely clumsy waiter constantly dropping food. Basically he was quite useless and the owner was constantly scolding him as well. But the italian restaurant had a piano in the corner of the room, and his fame started there when he played "Chopin" on the piano. The owner, overhearing him playing from then on asked him to stop waiting tables and start being the pianist. The restaurant soon became famous for the 'very excellent pianist player'.

His mom encouraged him to do an audition for a SuperStar Search. Jay Chou was too shy to go alone so he asked another good friend to audition with him, who was unfortunately a horrible singer and ruined the whole duet. Displeased, the producers were about to reject them when he read Jay Chou's script and thought that there was a 'potential' there. Jay Chou begged the producers for a second chance. The producer then said "If you can write for me 50 songs in 10 days,I guarantee I'll produce your album."

Jay Chou was true to his word and in 10days, he had written compositions and lyrics for 50 songs.

Stunned, the producers agreed to what they promise. They picked 10 of the best songs and even then were still thinking that if they could reach break-even cost with the album, even then that would be very good. Little did they expect such success in the asia music industry that cashed in millions.

That is why even until now Jay Chou is still so indebted to his mother, and grandmother (but I dunno what her story has got to do with his life) and titled his album after them. He has entrusted all his $millions$ under his mother's care.

Anyways, here are a few clips of Jay Chou's excellent piano skills on YouTube.

21 May 2007

Feeling let down

but on a more optimistic note....
All of you who have been to my house have tried to open my notorious STEFFI STRAWBERRY JAM jar. Well, guess what?? The bloody thing is open!! Our wonderful Tracy will kindly demonstrate how to open a stuck jam jar that no amount of manly strenght can twist open...

step #1: Get your butter knife (must be the metal kind)
step #2: Turn stuck jam jar upside down and push around the cover with the knife all the way.

This trick is guaranteed to get that sucker open! (thanks to JoJo as well for da tips!)

I really have to stop writting about food. I will promise myself that not even one word about food will be in the next post. Drinks are

20 May 2007

Cha Siew Pau

This morning I was in a very embarassing situation.....
I wanted to rush home to study contract after church so I went to one of those hawker stalls that always sells cha siew pau. There was this (moderately-fat) guy standing near the dimsum and the paus' so I went up to ask him ( in chinese):

Cheryl: One how much ah?
Guy: Ha?
Cheryl: One cha siew pau how much ah?
Guy: I want Lo Ma Kai
Cheryl: No, I want cha siew pau..
Guy: Eh... no lah... I want Lo Ma Kai
Cheryl: I'm telling you I want my cha siew pau
Guy: (frustrated and starts pointing) Lo Ma Kai one! one!
Guy: I still want Lo Ma Kai! ( points even more ferociously)

By this time, I was thinking what kind of 'lau ban' is this, die die cannot sell me cha siew pau? Some more DARE to force me buy Lo Ma Kai.

It was only then the 'real' lau ban finally came from behind me.... and asked us "what you want?"

OMG~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO EMBARSSING!!! Some more I was still scolding another customer! The fat guy I was arguing just now with was even worse. He thought I was the lau ban's daughter and still asked for a bloody Lo Ma Kai. The real lau ban sold it to him.... And I got my cha siew pau........*sigh*

End of my post today~ Thank God Sammie didn't come with me today. sure 'tiu lian' (face throw down)

17 May 2007

AC is smelly....

I REALLY WANNA watch "Blades of Glory"

Had dinner with Sam, Twacie, & Anchovy at Asia Cafe just now. We saw the "Malaysian Today" newspaper advertising it and looks freakin' funny! (plus upon closer inspection, it looked like Will Ferrell was grabbing the blue guy's crotch) I miss watching shows where I can keep going "haa haa! hee hee!" till tears start coming out of my eyes, and my stomach hurts, and I seriously do not want to laugh anymore but my mouth can't stop moving.

Tracy was complaining "It looks sooooooo gay..." but that's the whole point why its funny isn't it?

Found the *censored*-grabbing picture.....(bit small though)


okay okay.
moving on though,
Anchovy asked me yesterday whether I've met anyone who's ever had the same birthday as me?
Thinking back I quite sad ler...
The first and only person I've ever met whose had the same birthdate as me was this policewoman at the Balai Polis when I went to report my lost IC. She was like, "EH! You punya birthday sama dengan I!" and seemed very happy about it.

Oh well, how many people can actually claim they know a policewoman with the same birthdate as them?

Enough crap. Time to concentrate back on Criminal Law OAPA. I GOTTA PASS THIS THING!!!


eh! nearly forgot to mention a few days ago some 6 malay guys in a black myvi robbed my housemate and her bf in front of my house. lazy to write about it but twacie has thoughtfully (more like 'coincidentally') blogged about it while i was busy bitching away on msn. see link.

13 May 2007

Birthday Blog

Technically actually, today is the 13th of May. My birthday was yesterday. Hee Hee...

Tiong How was just complaining how close my birthday is to Mother's Day. I agree. I felt I was like celebrating mother's day more than my own birthday. lol. On my birthday, Tiong How brought me out to 1 Utama to hang out around 3pm. You so totally CANNOT go to 1 utama on a saturday. Its packed to the brim!! 5 whole floors of parking space is full. Crazy la. We had wasted about 25 mins of our time and petrol just circling round and roung the parking lots trying to look for space.Furthermore, only if you get out within the first 15 mins then you don't need to pay for parking. clever 1U manager...

After another 10 mins of more circling, we finally found a parking at Jusco 1U parking lot which is outside under the hot sun. TH (I should really give him a nickname) later insisted that he buy me a cake at Secret Recipe, but I insisted on an american brownie.

"I wanna try too!"
"OMG, something is so wrong with this brownie..."

It was absolutely ROCK HARD!! I am never going to the Secret Recipe at 1 Utama again. I ended up never making a complaint becoz it has been a long time since I've eaten a brownie there and while 'chewing' on the brownie, I was like wondering "are all brownies suppose to be this hard?"

hm... looking back at that sentence it can sound pretty dirty in another sense...heh heh. Btw, if you notice, I seem to have a lot of purple on my eye-lids, mayb a bit too much. First time putting on colour-make up la... so can forgive me!

Later that night TH brought me over to have dinner at "The Ship". Everything was again "mother's day menu", "mother's day special". We were the only couple there for quite a while. Everyone else had mothers and children having dinner there.T_T *Tears* The food at the ship is GREAT and so is the service.(It was only until today did a friend recommend that the lobster there is the best. I never got to try it!)
Look! Mother's Day Edition Menu!

Sizzling Chicken Fillet
Look at it sizzle! All that smoke
Grilled Salmon....
The waitress insisted he wears a bib. It comes together
for all those who dare order the sizzling chicken!

Outside "The Ship"

Finished dinner around 8 pm, and TH brought me to the Eye of Malaysia. Its the largest ferris wheel in the whole of Malaysia. Not putting up many pictures here because somehow the camera takes blurry pictures when its too dark, despite switching on 'night mode'.
Eye on Malaysia
To be very honest, the view there wasn't great. I was hoping to see a fantastic view of KL city, but was extremely dissapointed. All I saw was the KLCC and KL tower, there weren't many lights of the city and somehow a tennis courts seems to be the bigger centre of attention (this is also due to the fact the tennis court has got 8 huge spotlight on). It cost about RM15/ adult and the wheel goes around 7 times. Worth it? I suppose.. but after the 3rd round you're actually begging to get of the thing!! Aside from that, it was still worth a visit to see one of Malaysia's tourism spots, and they did have a laser light show that was OK. =>

Thanks TH and Anchovy(for the camera) for such a wonderful birthday! And not forgetting my friends who celebrated 4 days in advance with me at Peppercorn. Check out link