26 June 2007

How to make Zhang

Zhang, or Zhung Zhi is sticky rice wrapped in a pyramid shape. K la, when I show u all the picture you will sure get it. When I went over to TH's place in Sekinchan, his mom showed me how to make a Zhang. Technically actually, I don't know how to make the ingredients, but she thought me how to wrap it into that notorious pyramid like shape.
Step #1:

You must have 2 leaves. Both leaves must be one on top of the other, both facing opposite directions from each other.

Now make those leaves into a cone-shape.Think 'ice-cream'

Fill in a bit of rice at the bottom before putting in the 'liaw'(meaty ingredients)

Your 'liaw' must have fatty pork, mushrooms, and nuts. Eggs are optional.

After putting in the liaw, fill up the cone to the brim with rice. Flatten the rice till it creates a smooth surface using a spoon

Start folding!! Bend the leaves forward

Try your best to make it as triangle as possible. (I couldn't...) Tie the whole thing with a string to keep it in place.

I love a man who knows how to make his own Zhang. haha!

Below are more photos on my trip to Sekinchan. The paddy at the time is turning yellow, ready for harvest. TH brought me to look at the paddy fields on a motorbike. Its exhilarating to feel the wind in your hair and face and breathe in fresh... paddy air? anywayz, enjoy da pics ^_^

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  1. Looks like a good Zhang. Would you like to share the recipe with F&B magazine? Looks good enough to be published.

  2. heh heh! thx for da praise ^_^ what's F&B though??