11 May 2010

Addicted to make up

I must say,

I'm really one of those girls who are addicted to make -up. To the point I'll feel extremely uncomfortable if I went out of the house without make up. I'd feel like my pores are glaringly open like moon craters, and I'd look like the girl who just came from a small town planting paddy to the big city to plant even more paddy.

(ok technically I did come from a small town but that is besides the point. Its a metaphor dammit!)

I won't say I'm ugly, I think I'm just average looking but you see, that's the whole point. With make up, it covers all your flaws, like bad skin day, small eyes, ugly eye bags.

Then you get to see yourself on how you would have looked like have you had:

1) Great Skin
2) Bigger Eyes
3) No eye bags
4) Sharper nose

The list goes on, and you can achieve all this without plastic surgery!!

BUt the problem is after you've seen how good you look with make up on, how can you then walk out without make up when there are 1 million hot chicks out there that look so fabulous?

So I really do hate it when people (particularly older aunties & jackass men who claim they don't believe girls should wear make up) say that girls like us put on much make up. Natural beauty is best.

F you guys man.

There's a reason dear aunties, why people always comment that you look older than you really are. And to men who criticize girls with make up on? Well reality check, all those female sexy female celebs' whose photos you wank at, I bet all of them wear make up isn't it?

Whole point of this post was coz I was kinda pissed when I saw this vid:

They way they made the girl cry coz she looks so much different without make up. Look, I understand you wanna do a show about how different women look with and without make up.

But seriously need you go to that extend? WTH is wrong with Taiwan people man.

I think one of the best examples of a great celeb makeover would be Susan Boyle.

Remember how she used to look like??

Now after she became famous and with the complete look overhaul she now looks like this:

It just reminds me of how I used to be back in high sch, when I had bad skin and pretty much looked like shit, I felt like I was at the bottom of the high school food chain. You know how crazy peer pressure was back then especially for girls!!

I'm so glad I tried to change myself instead of moping around miserably wondering why no one likes me for 'just the way I am'.

Let's just face it, if you weren't that great to begin with, what's wrong with improving yourself?


  1. I've seen this video and yes, totally agree with u! Taiwanese are quite mean. She's an actress, of coz she has to put on thick make-up to look more stunning than the others...what's wrong with that? I bet you all those ppl who commented probably look even worst than her without make-up.

  2. Make-up is an art and only artistic people can do it well. Putting on basic make-up is a morning ritual for me before I walk out of my bedroom unless there's an emergency :).

  3. nothing wrong with some perks =)

  4. heyo thanks u guys for dropping b y!

    yea i put make up on as a daily ritual!! ITs addictive to keep trying new styles LOL.