22 May 2010

DIY japanese hair styles

I've always found it annoying that its just so darn difficult to find a good how-to-video for Japanese hair styles like those in the ViVi Magazines.

All I get every time I utube 'japanese hairstyles' some stupid american stylist who always does very basic & grandma-ish french bun.

But behold!! I have found an authentic Japanese-bred on you tube showing you how to do those lovely ViVi Mag hairstyles in a simple way!

Her name is Binosusume (click for her youtube channel)

Go WATCH!! :

2 Minutes Easy Updo

Braided Hairband:

Super easy and nice but then your hair has to be extremely long.

Her hairstyle tutorials are really easy to understand despite her speaking in japanese. In fact, I don't find there is much need for talking at all as you can pretty much guess and see how she does it for yourself.

On my birthday I tried her 'french braid' tutorial with a bit of modification. I think it turned out pretty nice!!


No I did not celebrate my birthday at the mamak . Thank God.

Hope it helps you girls who have been looking for chio jap hair!


  1. haha I <3 her video also ^___^

    dropping by (=

  2. I like the dog staring at her in the first pic XD!

  3. i know! binosusume is awesome &hearts

  4. I follow Binosusume's vids too. Learnt how to french and fish-tail braid from her vids :D