1 May 2011

I swear I'm actually an interesting person

Its just that I haven't had a life for the past um... 6 months? *sheepish*

Just being random, but currently I'm mad addicted to Famous Amos choc chip cookies. Its so annoying to the point when I wake up, the first thing I want is Famous Amos Pecan Choc Chip cookies. =___=

I annoy myself. How ironic.

Anyhoo, I did manage to get a job in the end, not exactly what I wanted, and yesterday was my last day *GASP*. I know you must be thinking ''what the fuck! In all your previous post you were just talking about how upset u are u didn't have a job! BITCH"

I know I know!! I am a walking contradiction!!!!

But I didn't get a job that I was satisfied with. It was an OK job, i definitely enjoyed in more than law, but it was just a normal Sales Associate. How far can I go in life with it? and I want a job that can give me a $$$$$ - digit salary. ahem.

Coz I'm greedy like that.

But it was definitely fun while it lasted. But I quit was 1) I felt I can't go far 2)I am going to resume back to law 3) I hate my co-worker to the core, to the point if she dropped down n died today or got run over by a freakin lorry I wouldn't even shed a tear.

Man. Working life politics is just crazy. I gotta learn how to handle them better the next time I go back into the working world @___@

This is just a bite-sized summarized piece of my 6 month life. Damn. I feel so lifeless now knowing it can be summarized in a single piece of A4 paper, and even much more less if you minus out the crap that I've written down *T^T*

Getting a new camera soon after the old one conked out ages ago, so hopefully this blog won't be so dead!


  1. ah, u will just look back one day and appreciate how great things are then when u see how crap things were in the past 6 months.

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