12 March 2009

USA Presidents

You must be wondering "What in the world does strip mugs have to do with USA presidents?" Hee Hee.

I'll tell you later.

Sam & I first found out about strip mugs from Magdeline, who got one as a birthday gift. Since then (i.e 4 months later) we swore we would get one for ourselves before we left UK.

And whaddayaknow, yesterday while shopping in town at Ann Summers we found them! And to each her own.

I is loving my Tarzan one while Sam loves her hunky fireman

Oh man, the firehose looks sooo wrong

We started using our mugs almost immediately. I've never been so excited to make coffee.

I think its easy to expect what happened next after I made my coffee:

You know what, screw PG-13 and little children. They suck anyways.


Oh, and his buddy Prez.Clinton. :)

Got a reason we named them that way okay? Sam named hers after President Clinton coz she loves Monica Lewisky but you know, she can't call her man-cup Monica well can she?

Mine's called Bush..... cause........ its not hard to guess............

May President Bush continue to keep my coffee warm for the years to come.

P/S: In case you're wondering why the photos are so dark its because our kitchen lights got busted. We had to eat using a study lamp.

p/p/s: Sam's has updated about her birthday! Clicky link here.

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