3 December 2012

Sasa : Color Combos: Girl (Lipstick)

Bought Color Combos Lipstick at Sasa Hong Kong. (Colour 06) 

Currently right now this is my favourite lipstick after TonyMoly's lipglosses. I love the vibrant colour & the moisturizing effect, but I can't say this lipstick lasts long though as it tends to wear out pretty fast and there's a need for constant re-application. I think buying some lip-liner would definitely help but I'm a bit broke at the moment to buy anymore make-up T^T 

Some pictures of me cam-whoring with it: 

Wait there's more!!

It's not me wearing the Sasa lipstick but I just wanted to show off my temporary curls.

Can you believe it, my eye-liner is actually fake? It's all thanks to the Photowonder App on the Iphone (go google it its freakin awesome stuff) My eyeliner is a result of paste and rotate. The stuff's amazing!

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