11 July 2007

busy, busy, busy

I am in the assistant creative division of the READING LAW (pronounced as Red-ding) programme. If there are any potential youngsters reading this who are interested in joining the Reading programme, please, I urge, STAY AWAY from creative division of the debate team. Its NOT WORTH IT.. repeat again after me NOT WORTH IT!!

1) You have the 2nd most jobs to do after the president himself/herself

2) You have to stay back until late in the night, alone, or with only a friend or two. Yep, that's right, last night I was stuck in school with only Samantha (head of creative div) till 8 pm, while the President and the lecturers all went back home at 6pm. Thank God I met another good friend who willingly offered a helping hand and is not in the programme at all.

3) On the debate day itself, YOU will also be working. A lot.

4) You have a particular lecturer breathing down your neck the whole day, constantly 'suggesting' changes the last minute, mostly after you've done with all the work. I won't name names, but she's Reading's Land Law lecturer. *cough**cough*

Actually I wouldn't be so pissed off at the job because I know it comes with a lot of responsibilites. But if it wasn't for the fact that EVEN the president can leave earlier than his subordinates, furthermore, a lecturer who would just leave her students alone in a dark school, well then, I have nothing more to say.

Just taking off some steam here from the super hectic three days I've been having. Another 2 more days to go and I will be done with the whole bloody thing!

Bought my first suit today at The Curve. Got the whole black blazer and black trousers thing and lovin' it. Eh, actually I'm so shocked, I never knew that buying working clothes were so expensive!! I was hoping to find reasonably good-looking clothes for RM25-40, since I can find a reasonably good-looking plain shirt for RM10. But wtf, female working clothes are so expensive. the cheapest was RM50, and that was shit ugly. I thought I could find better bargains what with the Mega Sales going on but to no avail.

Ok, that's enough for today. Got an intereting topic I plan to blog after this whole thing is done with some time soon.

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