31 July 2007

Sunset at the beach

When was the last time you flew a kite?

It has been constantly raining here these past few weeks in the evening, but God granted us a rain-free evening this Sunday so we went to fly kites at the beach!

I brought over my really old-moth eaten-handmade kite (duh, obviously made by someone else. I just bought it). When I mean "old" , I mean like from my primary school days which is about 8 years ago? Its still made from rattan and lightweight paper.

It was later I only realised it was really dumb of me to wear jeans to the beach.

Mana tahu, when I went to the beach with my old-fashioned kites, I was soo jealous to see all the modern kites shaped like eagles, fishes and boxy kites.

This wet doggy fell into the sea water

Lynda brought over a volleyball and frisbee as well, but I didn't manage to get any photo shots of us playing.

Blue streaks across the sky during sunset. My first time seeing it!

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