21 July 2007

Damn Kau Man

This whole week has been mega-packed with activities, and none of my post are made according to the date of the events!! IRRITATING!!! I shall shecdule my activities in timetable order to make things clear of what has actually been happening around me this week. (accompanied by a lot of ripped-off pictures..sorry guys~)

Went up to meet with bestie Euphrasia (and should be pronounced as you-fray-shee-ah. Ok, now say it faster. Its not supposed to be spoken so slllooooooooowwlyy) from UK. This has been my only chance and last chance to meet her this year.... I've missed her soo much!

My super-photogenic-friend. This is the only photo I find where I do not look too bad standing next to her. ^_^

We hung out around 1Utama, obviously only going into the shops with the signs "SALE" written on the shop windows. After that went into yam at Char Chan Teng aka 茶餐厅, some 'Cappa Lang' Kim Gary place. The food on the menu is almost all completely like Kim Gary, what with cheese-baked rice, and Hong-Kong Toast to boot. Don't you find that the cheese-baked rice has now many pirated versions? Even domino's pizza has some pretty iccky looking cheese-baked rice on their menus. Makes me wonder where original cheese-baked rice came from?

Learnt an interesting tip about your feet when in UK too. Apparently, when she first bought her flat shoe, she is a UK size 4. But when she came back to Malaysia, her feet expands. Funny isn't it how your feet size is affected by climate??? I've read about this as well previously in some fahsion mag. Lesson to learn: Be careful when buying shoes overseas, especially from countries which climate is different from Malaysia.

Fell terribly ill! Was extremely giddy, I saw my whole world turn topsy-turvy literally!! Walls were never at 90 degree angles, choosing to somehow slant left and right the whole day. TH brought me to the doctor, and apparently I was STRESSED. Ok, considering I am now on a 4-month-long holiday, I was looking exasperated at her and wondering whether she had diagnosed me wrongly or whether my doctor needed to see a doctor. But didn't bother to think anymore as my head hurt and just wanted the pain to go away. TH use his off-day from work to take care of me the whole afternoon. TQ so much darling~~~

My parents came to town! Apparently my baby brother JUST found out he was enrolled in a programme in KL and his 3 day holiday trip with my parents down to see me turned into a 2-month-long stay. Poor him. Therefore my parents and elder brother chose to spend the day with me while he went schooling. Melvyn and Samantha just 'happenned' to be around that day as well, so Mel kindly offered to send us all down to Midvalley for lunch.

Daddy decided we all eat at the Domino's Pizza there. His first time trying Domino's and his first words were: "Better than Pizza Hut!"

Some random pics from that day...

Strawberry cake from Breadstory

All of us at Breadstory. Yes, it is our favourite yamca place.

For guys who want to ask out my hot friend, her no is: 016-too-hot-for-you-99.

Ok, this is going to sound so weird, but I will continue about thursday, friday and saturday this Sunday.


  1. awwwwww that's so sweet of TH

  2. Euphrasia22 July, 2007

    You stole my pic from my blog!OK, just kidding. Yeah, i need to send you the pics. Come online!! Wow, seeing the walls turn 90 degrees is gotta be seriously bad. I think your doctor needs to see another doctor la, how can you be stressed during the hols? It must have been the heat or something you ate? Or maybe you are simply crazy in love. =P

  3. I think you're right la, should be the heatwave during the time. Sia, if my crazily in love is spinning walls, then urs shld be ringing church bells... *snicker*! hey girl, wanted to tell u to set up a chatterbox! Very difficult comment on Xanga as annoymous user ^_^