28 January 2012

Penang Oh Penang! : Straits Quay

Straits Quay (pronounced as Straits Kee, I know, I'm super chinese, I keep going kuay, kuay. English can sometimes be a super confusing language =___=)

Went there not too long ago with the boyfriend around Christmas time. It was my second trip down to Penang in a year, I really love Penang a lot! Its just got this awesome uniqueness about it blending the olden 19th century days and even the newer architecture is always trying to relieve and keep true to the 19th century. In a nutshell, its an absolutely vintage town in our 21stcentury :)

We went there for dinner at ate at this place called 'BellaMarino", a middle range italian restaurant that serves pretty decent italian food :)

Lagsana and my seafood pasta respectively

Then, Ed & I passed by this little treasure in Straits Quay called "Sugar":

A bit of a backlog post that should have been up around Christmas time. OH WELL!!

We were standing at the entrance of Straits Quay in this picture. There is actually a gorgeous Marina Bay behind with a lighthouse as well, with boats parked at their bays but I totally forgot to take in a single picture (FML) .

Anyhoo, this place is really worth a visit if you do drop by Penang, Malaysia.

Much Love!


  1. Yummy foods!

    Is that you and your boyfriend? If so such a cute picture!


  2. Yep it is ^^ thx hun! <3