11 January 2012

Baviphat Magic Girl BB Cream

A friend of a friend recommended this Baviphat's range of BB creams as they are apparently really good and does wonders for make up. 

These are now available only in a few Watson Stores retailing at RM69.90 (U$ 20+ish) . It's not cheap, but its not overtly expensive either. 

I bought the product coz it contains collagen T^T . I know, I'm hitting 25 this year so I'm starting to get super paranoid and concerned about sagging skin. 

In addition, it comes with the usual SPF 30++ and some whitening agents. 

I can't read much of the other instructions coz its all in korean, so far I've been using it for nearly a month now. 

Isn't the packaging just mad adorable? 

It has a rather thick liquid consistency, but still spreads rather easily across the face. My makeup does stay on longer (as it usually does with most BB creams). But am I a fan of it? Not so to be honest. 

Maybe because it has whitening agents in it, it doesn't blend with my natural skin colour as most BB creams usually do. I usually end up with a bit of a two-tone face after applying this, and I needed to buy a darker tone face powder to counter this effect. I'm not very fair either, so it really doesn't help that I'm using this product as well. I guess its my own fault as I bought it knowing that it had whitening agents in it. But I'd definitely recommend this product though for girls who are pretty fair-skinned :) 

Overall its not bad, it does a great job ensuring my skin looks peachy, elastic, and pore-free. But I won't buy this again as its not really suitable with my skin colour and it only comes in one-colour tone. 

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