2 January 2012

Japanese Facial Mask from 100yen store

Recently, I just bought this face mask that I've been seeing in ViVi Magazines since 2010 (I know right, I can hardly believe it meself that its already 2012!! When I woke up the next morning it was already next year. LOLOLOL. Ok lame joke albeit a truestory ^^ ) 

Unfortunately this is not available at every 100yen store outlet, and so far I've only seen this in the Kuchai Lama outlet. There are loads of other different mask to choose from, for only RM4.90 (which is probably US: $ 1.5)

I can't read much japanese so I don't really know what's going on with this product, neither can I tell you its name in japanese  T^T (fail) . But from the chinese explanation written at the back of it, according to a friend, it means that the product supposedly makes your skin soft and supple and all the usual promises facial products promise their customers. 

I have sensitive skin, so this works fine with me. After using it, I find that its pretty refreshing, and my skin does feel a lot less dry and more supple. However, it does absolutely nothing for my pores.

Would I recommend this product? Certainly, especially those who have a problem with dry skin. But I wouldn't really buy this again as I've got a facial mask brand I've already been using for the past 1 year and it does wonders for my skin, therefore I won't be switching to this product anytime soon.

(PS if anyone could read japanese it would be great if you could translate the name of this product for me!) much love!


  1. Hmm they sell that mask at my work but to be honest I've never tried it! I cant translate ah so useless :(

  2. Aw shucks that's a pity! you shud definitely try it tho, it really is pretty good :)