26 December 2011

Reviewing back 2011

Dear Boss,

This is a submission of the annual review of As you can see from this year's compilation of post , notorious reader comments and ratings, she's been paying A LOT less attention to this blog as compared to previous years.

Hereinafter, we've only manage to collect these sparse few memoirs of post from her blog. These are the few highlights we've listed down which has happened to Cereal in 2011.

1) Opening her very first blogshop 

By selling Japanese DIY candy called PopinCookin. Its a marvellous, new japanese invention. Gotta love ém!

Again, I'm gonna slut my blogshop but its available at

plus we have international delivery! (don't worry about the USDollar , after conversion to RM its pretty reasonable )

2) Converting her blog into a makeup review blog 

Just this year I've started to realize how much make-up has changed my life, and I think doing a make-up review post is a great way to tell other people what to buy and what not to buy.

Here was my review on Maybeline Makeup :D

3) Trip to Penang

Which was an absolute eye-opener, and not to mention a very lovely experience

Never knew that Penang had actually so much stuff to do with so many wonderful people to meet. Sometimes, we have to learn to appreciate travelling in our own country before we complain how we never get the chance to go overseas!

A short post about this is available here. 

4) Discovery the Ipad2

Wtf this wasn't even a blogspot about this, but the best gift to the world in 2011 wasn't the end of poverty, hunger, curing a lethal sickness, it is the IPAD 2. It has provided the world with so many hours of endless entertainment, time-killing functions, and possibly about 10% of portable work, but it has by far trumped almost everything else on this damn list.

What I love most about Ipad is being able to edit my pics easily and posted them almost immediately on facebook. I've such an attention whore! 

There's this application to put fake lashes on anything you want, so I tested them out on my boyfriend's dog. HAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAA.

There are other things as well not listed down properly such as her finally passing her CLP (which she failed once last year, and it took her another whole year in 2011 to finally pass the BLOODY THING) ;  Getting in a healthy relationship in 2011 with food and a new toy boy; Finally learning to cook stuff that's not microwavable; and changing to a slightly better job.

We hope that our next year's annual 2012 report shall be a better one.


Thesinglehanded management team.