13 September 2007


After having three previous post all on Friday, I swored that's this one won't be on a Friday again.

I went to play badminton with Lynda, Tracy, and Aaron. To be straight out honest, I am probably one of the suckiest sport partners you will ever find, in fact, with this information in mind, not many sports-loving people would like to call me up when it comes to that 'we need an extra team player....'

But being the kind loving and lethargic Tracy she is, I was fortunately asked out to play badminton. Thank you God as well for giving me someone as equally badminton handicapped as me, Aaron. I'll never forget how we lost against the Tracy-Lynda team 9-21. Gorgeous, absolute, defeat.

After working up a lot of sweat an hour later all four of us went out for cendol than a nice lunch at 9 to 5, though Lynda went back before then.

Aaron looks like someone is tickling his toes underneath the table

Tracy & Aaron

All 3 of us together!

Obviously I won't be showing sweaty pictures of me in my badminton poses. I'd give men nosebleeds. LOL! Just kidding guys. *wink*

Tracy later helped me dyed my boring black hair a beautiful reddish brown! I love diy home-dyes. Their always less than half of the cost of what you have to pay at a salon. Aaron got in on the whole hair dye craze too and dyed his hair brown as well! I can imagine his mom saying "I thought you went off to play badminton this morning?! How in the world did you come home with brown hair?"

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