11 February 2008

CNY is so fun but tiring

Went back to Sibu for Chinese New Year.

Lots of stuff to do, i.e become the maid, non-stop snapping open of Cola cans till you break your nails, nodding your head at every single thing your relative is saying even though you don't understand a word.

But its just one of those few reasons that makes CNY ROCKS. Get to see your long-lost relatives. My mom kept seeing relatives she hasn't seen in literally, decades!!!

Mom: " Come come!! Meet Ah Pau!! Mom 10 years already never see his face!!", then she turns around and lo and behold! Another lost relative! Then its ''EEEH!! YOU!!! Come come!! See Ah Lung! This one 30 years never see his face!"

I love fireworks during CNY. It adds to the whole atmosphere of things.

But why le my shots turned out so super sucky wei??? I used the 'Fireworks mode" on my Olympus Camera but wtf, the fireworks pics all turned out so..... amazingly retarded...





My camera probably likes to capture slow motion shots. Irritating!!!

This was the best shot I could come up with after like 15 attempts of sucky sucky photography skills

Female lions performing for CNY

On the drive back from Sibu, my family found this wild pitcher plants growing alongside the highway

Anyways, i'm sure all of you have heard about the whole Edison Chen and Gillian Chung sex scandal. Do you know how hard it is to find any more pics about the sex scandal??? so difficult!! probably already ordered to be taken down after the law suit was filed.

Go on over and read cheeserland's blog. So juicy!! Edison's been a naughty naughty boy.....tsk tsk. Such a player! But he's so handsome you can't help but forgive him *swoons*

Rachel Ngan, his co-star

I really don't understand why some people like to video themselves having sex. Damn yucks ok to know you're on camera NAKED!! Can get high meh watching yourself 'doing it' on video again & again??
Some more doing it with someone whose merely your boyfriend or girlfriend. Cannot think meh one day they can use it to blackmail you no matter how good you think they are now?

Edison made a pubilc apology to everyone involved in the scandal, before he flew off to New York ;)

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