19 February 2008

Changed my template

How is the new layout? Was sooooo bored of my brown one. Its just too bad blogger dosen't bother to design anymore new templates, theirs is so much easier to navigate through. Doing any toggling for the sidebars on this free layout is HELL.

But I so desperately wanted a new one!!

Dunno how some people can slave over changing their blog layouts every so often. I read all the HTML scripts until my eyes feel SWOLLEN.

Patches (the cat) passed away today from some 'supervirus' that affects all kittens and puppies. Mel was really nice, he helped drive Tracy & Patches to the vet , it was just unfortunate that every single vet was not open that early in the morning. Patches passed away around 9 am today.....

Went to buy a shovel (Mel did all the digging *ahem*) and in the end we burried her in a nearby park, coz the soil there was softer and Tracy wanted the body to be under a tree. Hehehe.

It must have looked pretty weird to passerbys to see two gals crowded around looking at a guy trying to dig a hole in the ground (Patches was in a shoebox at the time).

Bye bye Patches, we'll miss you :> May you be happy in Cat Heaven.

Update: Yupz, it turned out that the whole bomb fiasco where the bomba and the police came all the way down was a total HOAX. Crazy right? What kinda dumb kid so free go do all this stuff ???

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