31 August 2007

Happy National Day

La-Dee-dah! I just got a call from my future employer, and I've gotten my first waitressing job this Saturday! ^_^. The pay is not very high, since i'm a part-timer. So he said that if I work the full day, I get RM 50, or alternatively, I could work per hour at RM3.50. But hey, whose complaining when the KFC in Miri only pays their workers (who have to work their assess off!) for only RM2.30 an hour???

Have you ever wondered how do women dressed in the burkha ever go swimming when they go the beach or a resort pool?

They're not allowed to take off their burkha because they can't show any skin even if they go into the water. Maybe that's why their husbands just leaves them on the shore to take care of his 32 children while he goes off for a dip in the sea.

Recently, I read in Marie Clarie that designer Ahiida, an Australian muslim came out with the perfect design... the burkini!
I wasn't used to it at first and kept laughing my ass off when I saw it, but after a while, it just looks kinda OK.

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