6 August 2007

First attachment

My family bought Vetmaster dog biscuits, and seeing my doggies gobble them up like its the best thing in the world....makes me wonder.... do they really taste that great?

Oooh! And those really meaty meat in Pedigree cans, when you first open up the cans, that strong whiff of meat smell comes out? those smell pretty darn good too.

Dare I try some? I mean like, dogs enjoy a lot of the food we eat too..... right?


Ssssoooooooooo............ as I was was my first day of... *uggggh* free labour. Ok ok, attachment. My mom hooked me up with a local law firm for a two week attachment because she wanted to see my butt of my chair and my eyes off Sims 2.

But it all actuallity, it wasn't so bad. Since my mom knew them personally, the partners of the firm themselves were willing to teach me face-t0-face, about land ownership, divorce matters, and they even sent their clerk to bring me to the land law office.

I also drafted my first ever divorce consent!! well, ok, its not suppose to be a good thing to draft someone else's divorce... but but... its still my first ever legal work.

Ok, I'm already bored with work. I'm already hoping I can stop work tomorrow.

But anything is wayyyy better than dealing with screaming sweet-faced-8-year-olds, right Tracy??

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