18 August 2007

New hair

Egad... I just got my hair cut at this new saloon. I was telling the hairdresser, "I want to change my hairstyle, can you give me something new?"

Me and my big mouth.

She was then trying to explain to me this certain hairstyle that she had in mind (which is very kind of her, since most of them just throw a book in your direction and ask you to pick your own hairstyle!). I really didn't get it and she was ," You know what? I'll just do it temporarily for you and you just see whether you like it."

This is my hair before the haircut:

She spent over an hour over my hair, straightening it, pulling it, PERMING it. And this is the end result of my hair.....

A very confused 10 times lala-fied version of myself

This hair is big enough to get between me and Tiong How on our dates.

The hairdressers loved it on me so much, but I'm not really loving 'ME" right now...

I don't know, I just really this hair isn't me and I'm not going to keep it... and can you believe it?? They still only charged me RM10 even after spending an hour on my hair just caused I said I'm a student. I will most probably go back to that same saloon, but no more big poofy hair!

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