9 August 2007

Court house

Gabriel, one of the partners in the law firm I'm working for brought me an another attachee to the Magistrates Court in Miri.

When we went in, the trial had already started halfway.

And wow! I tell you, so exciting man! The witness was screaming at the accused "I SAW YOU DID IT! I SAW YOU!!"

and the accused was like " YOU B*TCH!! You F*KIN LIAR!!"

The judge was trying to calm things down, saying "Order dalam court! DENGAR!! DENGAR!! (hear!, hear!)"

Ok, I'm also F*ckin lying. My work life is BORING so I needed something to spice things up on my blog. What Gabriel actually went there to do is to declare a bankruptcy report and plead that his client could not come today. That's it. And within 5 minutes, he was done, Ka Peesh, we leave the court.
Gabriel however, was also kind enough to show us to the auction house that is also somewhere within one of the rooms in the Courthouse. In the auction house, there will be one auctioneer, and he auctions of property, for land rights, houses, and shoplots.

Unfortunately being Malaysia, our auctions aren't exactly very 'honest'. There is already a collateral between the all other bidders to bid for ONLY the minimum price. For example, I say to you, another fellow bidder "I will give you RM1000 to not participate in this bid."

An auction like this is suppose to benefit the house owner, by selling it to the highest bidder. Instead, with this 'collateral' amongst bidders, he will only be able to sell his property for the minimum price.

Sad for them, but lucky new house owners.

Just another vicious cycle of life.

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