24 August 2007


This afternoon I went to change my home phone at Telekom caused it conked out a month ago.

I really don't get it how come Telekom so nice wan, let us exchange our old phones for a brand new one free of charge?

They even had a whole pile of old phones in a box at the exchange counter.

Starnews asia (a news broadcasting network) said that Vietnam just got electricity ten years ago. I mean like, TEN YEARS AGO only nya?? Woah!!

Daddy ah, can give add more candles? I'm trying to study for my law finals here..hello?!!

And paper fans must have sold really well there since there were no air-cons and electric fans in those days.
Ok, enough about Vietnam. Did you know, that by switching off those electric lights every time you go out of the room actually saves more money than leaving it on? The myth here (yes, I've been watching Mythbusters) was that the initial electric burst of energy that is required to start up a light bulb is so much, that to keep having to switch on and off the switch will cost much much more so it is just better to leave the lights on.


It still saves money to turn off your light switches everytime you leave your room. True, there will be an initial burst of energy everytime you turn a switch on, but that burst of energy is so slight, that it really does not make up for the cost of leaving your lights on, even for an hour.
Whew. I sound like a walking encyclopedia today.

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