12 February 2012

Topshop Crayon Pencils Review

I love that Topshop has come out with its own range of make up which is rather affordable unlike their range of clothes which are bearing prices not too far from high-end fashion these days ( =__= )

Here's their not-so-latest collection of Topshop crayons:

Crayons are rather like eye-liners, except that they are rather thick and can't draw defined lines like an eyeliner can. However, it is a lot more smoother and thicker to apply than a normal eyeliner and its great for creating that ''smudged eye look''.

I bought two colours to try, i.e the Black Jack & Tarnish (because Imma a big fan of brown eyeshadow/liner)

Tarnish (the dark brown) looks rather black here but in real-life its more of a dark-matte brown colour.

Here are the swatches:

I really love these crayons, they create a really lovely smudgey look and blends really easily on the skin. However, I definitely won't recommend this for girls with oily skin if they don't put on eye primer coz this smudges really easily :( . Aside from that, the colours are VERY awesome, and the black contains just a nice touch of glitter for nightime.

I never draw the directly on my eyes with the crayons, I always use a sharp tip side-ways brush to shape the  outline of the crayon. I find that just directly drawing it on your eyes can give is a very messy look if you're not too careful!

I'm thinking about one-day doing a makeup video just showcasing my makeup in real life (I'm not ready to show the world my bare-face just yet! lolz)


  1. Those pencils look so great ! I also use a brush to avoid messy results =)
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  2. hi missy,
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  3. Hi, Cereal!
    very great crayon! beautiful black!!!
    I want it!
    Thank you for your comment on kimonosnack!
    I followed you now!

    akiko in Tokyo

  4. Love the glittery colour. I'm sure you look lovely without make up :)