4 December 2009

Why aren't you ladylike?

I have no idea what's up with the conservative people in Malaysia.

Well, for the men at least.

Everytime I use the word 'fuck' some of my new male classmates will turn around at me and go "You said what??!!"

Uh Huh. Don't act like you've never heard the word before. Some of them are really surprised that I'm a girl and that I use the word 'fuck'.

MYGAWD THIS IS NOT THE 18th CENTURY! Like rude words are too harsh for our genteel ears. I can say fuckity fuck fuck all I want bitches.

MOST asian men seem to have this fixed,narrow minded perception that girls are suppose to be ladylike, i.e: cute, polite, gentle, loving, soft-spoken & sweet. These girls don't use rude words and never answer back at men.

GAWD. I hate women like these. I hate men even more who thinks all women should be like them. Men only like women like these to feed their bloody male egos.. They want a girl that's easily controllable and will do their bloody bidding, basically treat them like King Charles V.

No wonder ASIAN men dislike Xiaxue so much coz she's such a strong-opinion woman who uses rude words freely. They really do hate it when a woman's character is too strong and doesn't fit into that weak-helpless, gentle female in distress category.

UEK. make me vomit blood okay thinking of all these fake females who won't stand up for themselves.

Oddly enough, its only asian men who seem shrink away from women with strong characters. I don't think other races have a problem with this. This stupid backdated stereotype has got to change for heaven's sake!!!!!

(*eh, I stress on the word 'most' asian men, not all okay?')


  1. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha fuckity fuck fuck good one cheryl!!!!!!!

  2. OMG what?? You ask him which century is he from. He better not meet me on my bitchy day or guarantee he'll dieeeeeeee!! Lols!
    Good one Ah Ma! Show them what you've got!

  3. LOL!

    fritz: yea man, its catchy ^^!

    Eiko: yeaaloor i can't believe men like these exist! the female revolution has come! ROAAARR~~!!!

  4. What the FUCK! I agree with u, Ah Ma! Stereotypical thinking like this must change! I would love to see how they'd react when they come up with us girls - The Bitch Gang. WOoohooo! They'd shit in their pants cos we can cuss better than them.


    yeah weh...
    and our queen bitch is coming back real soon... =D
    we are soon unbeatable!