6 December 2009

How to solve a hairy problem

When I say 'hairy', I don't mean how to remove all your body fuzz. I'm talking about head hair :D

Over the past few months, 4 to be exact, I've been having looooaaadsss of hair problems.

To the point I've actually accumulated THIS AMOUNT OF SHAMPOO:

wtf. I think I have enough shampoo to last for 2 years.

1st hairy problem I had came bcoz of my hair colour. I dyed my hair red back in August, but for some very strange reason, everytime I shampoo my hair the colour bleeds like crazy in the shower. I'll end up with a pool of red underneath my feet!!! You cannot believe how extremely annoyed and pissed off I was to have had spent rm100 dying it red only to see the damn colour back on the floor!

Hair in August with flash (4months ago)


Red hair last month with flash T_T . Can see most of the red is goooonneeee~~~!!! *tears*

Unfortunately because of this, I had to switch through many many shampoos to find which ones will lessen the bleeding.

I had read online that this is pretty normal for dyed red hair to keep bleeding . So after purchasing 3 bottles of shampoo (Dove, L'oreal, Sunsilk -all for supposedly coloured hair) in the end I gave up searching.

Ok la, I know this post is about how to solve hairy problems. This one is too hairy I can't entangle it.

ooooo....but then comes the most horrid hair problem ever.

The 2nd problem. Probably one of THE MOST sacriest ones I've ever had.

fuckin hairfall.


Maybe it's coz of my long hair, or maybe its because I've been constantly dying my hair since I was 18, or maybe its coz I keep tying up hair and trying out new hairstyles, or maybe its all the MSG in the food I eat outside coz I'm just such a bad cook at home.

Everybody who's been around me have heard me whining about it non-stop. I've researched like shit and tried loads of other stuff to help stop hairfall but nothing seems to work!

(ok, the pic is gonna gross u out so don't say I didn't warn you!Not gonna put it up here coz its too horrid, but link is here)<--- I like had this much hairfallx3 everyday. This was how much I accumulated in my room in like, 3 hours. Its amazing I'm not bloody bald yet. I tried Pantene (hairfall) conditioner, but all it did was made my hairfall even worse. FUCK YOU WEI! What kind of bloody product makes your hair fall out even more when you have hairfall problems? SERIOUS DON"T EVER BUY PANTENE CONDITIONER (if u have the same problem!!)

Then, thank the heavens, Cascada recommended this Sunsilk hair fall to me saying that it really works.

And OMG, I have been using it for a week and its amazing!! Granted, I still have hairfall and I don't think it'll ever be as little as before, but it has definitely lessened my hairfall my half!!

I've also started eating Biotin,

Its just a normal everyday supplement but then it really does help reduce hair fall and apparently also helps hair regrowth? Sha says he uses it in the Gym for energy + to stay awake too. Either way its a win-win situation if you ever get one :D

(P/s: I dunno if its true, but my mom told the hairdresser about my hairfall problem and apparently the hairdresser scolded my mom saying you can't use Dove! So many of her customers have complained about hairfall after using it @_@ )


  1. try Fructis...I've been using it and it's doing great for me, even for a guy lol

  2. lol! thanks! loosing hair is like, daamn depressing T_T