26 December 2009

Onwards to 2010!!

Lame jokes you can make on the 1st of January 2010:

1) The last time I took my bath was last year
2) The last time I went to shit was last year
3) Say to your friend you saw yesterday: OMG!!! The last time I saw you was last year! *screams*. (friend may then proceed to give u a good smack)

Lame jokes you can make on the 31st of December 2010:
1) I swear I'm gonna stop eating for the rest of the year. The diet starts today!!
2) I promise to be good this year. No more pranks....Honest.

The result of me and eiko-chan brainstorming wtf.

Ahh....its terrible. The start of yet another new year, I am certainly not looking forward to graduating!!! To be honest, I'm terribly scared of working life. I'm scared of what's gonna happen to me after graduation coz i'm certainly not going to do LAW if I can help it.

Putting those annoying worries aside, 2010 also means time to plan grand new year's resolutions!

1. Visit at least 1 island this year.


and maybe learn:
-swim with dolphins
-building a sandman.

2. Help Cascada create her dream-bra

3. Learn the guitar
Well.. I kinda learn the bass guitar on guitar heroes? XD
OKAAAYYY I admit I've been procrastinating!! I've said I wanted to learn it since 3 months ago and I haven't pulled a single string. Its gonna happen in 2010! I swear!

4. To blog more often
Okay, at least 5 post a month. no less!!

5. To be less bitchy next year. I have seriously got to learn to be a nicer person. Eh, stop coughing. I can hear you over at the other end going 'yeeaaaah riight'.

6. Devise the ultimate april fool prank. ZOMG I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Sigh..okay let's end at no.6. That's just way too many resolutions to fulfil in a year. Pheeww!!


  1. its indeed, very lame. But damn funny. HAhahahahah!

  2. Imma making a list too! Hahaha! Let's go learn the guitar together btw, i'm still thinking bass, or guitar though =/!!

  3. wildberry, its not as if u're not AS LAME. XD

    yeaaamaan!! i think i'll g into acoustics. or mayb eletric. i am still on the fence!