15 June 2008

Penelope - the movie

I watched Penelope - the movie with Mel last night after dinner.

This movie was damn nice and I was wondering why in the world in never came to Malaysia? Everything's pretty innocent and the storyline is cute.

Then I realised it was coz the main character looked like a Babi. Okay, that explains a lot =_=

Penelope's clothes are adorable

But what I super love most about this movie is Penelope's room. It makes me wanna put plastic trees and cut out black paper birds in my bedroom. It has that kind of mystical look to it. Of course, though I say this I am not going to be bothered to actually do this.

Click to enlarge

Also clickable - she loves plants very much & kept them in glass jars in her room.

See what I mean by damn mystical room?

Neeways, for you girls out there deliciouslytacky found this neat little site called that allows you to play dress-up hosting clothes from known brands like Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Abercrombie etc. I've been hooked since just now!! Damn fun to play when you're bored.

Casual Dinner date

Girls Day Out

Now go play.

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