27 March 2010

My Date Night

Speaking as a single girl, its kinda hard to bring up memories of a 'date night'.

I've never ever had particularly horrible ones where I've been stood up, waiting at the door for my prom date for 3 hours. The most guys ever did to me was blew me off on a date ALWAYS with an sms a few hours before the date itself.

To which then I will continue to curse him then pamper myself with a movie night in, a facial, and ice cream.

And its not to say I've never had lovely romantic ones. Its just to say their with an ex. And... I don't particularly want to remember or see any pictures of any romantic times with him either!!!!

The question begs then, what can I write for this post?

I will write on the best dates I've ever crashed in and being a lightbulb on other people's dates.

In particular, my best friend and her toy boy, Sha & Suwen

Its no secret that wherever they are, there's a 90% chance I'm bound to be there.

Strangers will ask: "Why don't you feel weird? Being the only person sandwiched in between a lovey dovey couple?"

To you total stranger I will answer: "Nay, I carry my lightbulb duty with pride and I'll continue to shine brighter still."

Just equivalate me to Ted Moseby in Lily's & Marshall's relationship in the show How I met your mother

See I'm even thick-skinned enough to sit in between them.




I was in between during their dating days even BEFORE they got together!

I dragged in a few other light bulbs too during their day date at the beach,ahem.

In this pic I'm sluttily applying lotion on Cabbage in front of the loving couple.


Hell, was even there for their Christmas dinner. They never even had one alone with just the two of them :D

Guiltily,I admit maybe I've been there one two many times to their dates.

Therefore it would be awesome if I could win 2 tickets to the movie "Date Night".

I'll bring his lovely girl Suwen out, and Sha can pay for his own ticket. HA!


I love you guys!!!


    good one!