9 March 2013

Ikea shelves & Tokyomilk review

My bedroom has been in dire need of more storage space for quite a while. I was starting to hate the 'lined-up' look of arranging things in my bedroom. I headed over to IKEA for white shelves I've had in mind for quite a while, these costed me about RM80 for both the shelves and the metal  stands. 

It was really really fun arranging and deciding how to decorate my shelves! (the nailing and driling was horrible though luckily I had six-packed and ribbed *coughahemcozhemademewritethiscough* Ed to help me out.

Its so much nicer to take product photos with the new shelves.

Everything suddenly looks like I took it in the shop. *loves*

Anyhoo, in this picture I've bought the block letters "C.H" which are my initials from a shop called Typo @Pavillion KL.

The cranberry scented candles are from British India (RM20). Its got a lovely smell but its pretty useless as the smell only seems to hang around a 5 cm radius around the scented candle =____=

I don't think many people have heard of the brand Tokyomilk before, its a brand created by Margot Elena which sells scented body care products ranging from lotions, soaps, and loads of other scented curiosities.

My friend Selina bought me a Tokyomilk hand lotion as an X'mas pressie last year but I never got around to doing a write-up about. This one is called "Gin & Rosewater" and claims to have the said infused ingredients of: Japanese Green Tea, Mimosa Bark and Dandelion with rich Shea Butter.

My first thought? 

The scent!! Its absolutely gorgeous and stays on your palms for a really long time, up to an hour in fact if you've not gone out of the house. 

Excuse my chipped nails my work involves a lot of typing, but you can see from the picture that the lotion has a watery and easily spreadable consistency.You know how sometimes some hand lotions tend to be a tad too oily and takes over to rub it into your skin before its fully absorbed in? I'm happy to say this has none of those problems, seeps through my skin easily enough with a moisturized after-effect. 

I don't even need to mention the beautiful eye-catching vintage packaging. Hell, it looks good even as a room deco. 

I do recall seeing them selling these at BangsarVillage, but if not you can always headover to their website at :) 

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