1 July 2012

Hello Kitty x Sophie Monk

I've really got to give credit to the brand Sophie Monk for coming up with utterly cute product packaging what with collaborations with ''Little Twin Stars" and "Hello Kitty''.

As a present last year, a close friend got me Sophie Monk's Hello Kitty facial mask to try out. 

Needless to say I was excited but I couldn't bear to tear the packaging for the longest time ever! 



Instructions at the back teaching you how to use the facial mask. I think its pretty obvious and that there's little need for translation.

My review on this mask : 
DESPITE the crazily cute packaging, I was disappointed. I have rather sensitive skin towards products which contains too much alcohol. Not only was this mask dripping wet with chemicals, as soon as I let it 'sit' on my face for less than a minute, a burning sensation was spreadingly rapidly across my face. I took it off almost immediately and went to check myself in the mirror to realize that my skin had turned all red!!

So BLEH for me, never ever going to try this product again and I'd advice you to do the same if you've got sensitive skin.

Apparently everyday-outfits did a review on this product here too. I don't think she suffered my skin's adverse reaction but she wasn't overtly satisfied with the product either. :( which is a shame really, if it was really good, I'd definitely have continued re-purchasing this product as the packaging is adorable.

It doesn't mean that I've abandoned Hello Kitty all together, I recently bought a Hello Kitty mouse.

Photobucket Photobucket
How it looks like when in operation. 

Better luck next time with Hello Kitty stuff hopefully!

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