13 June 2010


I'm madly in with Polaroid pics.

Suwen was just saying, now that we have digital cameras its really weird how we're all going backwards loving everything old & vintage like flash polaroid cameras!!

But you see that's the fun of it!! You kinda miss the anticipation of how your pics will turn out!!

I love the feeling of seeing the pics starting out fuzzy then watch it slowly emerge from out of blank paper. I still have no idea how a polaroid works. @_@

In addition, polaroid cameras nowadays have super duper cute printed borders and come in awesome fun colours!!!!!

These in particular are from Fujifilm from Korea.

Been trying to look for really cute polaroid cameras but unfortunately I think not many companies have bothered manufacturing them :( The others out in the market now are FUGLY MAX.


Regina was the one who started my whole craze

Her collection of Polaroid Cartridges!!

These are really expensive back in Malaysia and there aren't much choices around either. So she stocks up everytime her friend goes to HK and gets them to help her buy one.


Pooh Bear

Tiao, not cheap lo these cartridges. I asked her how much would one cost, apparently its about RM10 for 10 pieces of Polaroid film @_@.

But I still want a Polaroid cam :(


Monkey see other monkeys with a banana and wants the same one too.

I am that monkey :(


"♥ "

It was kinda ironic coz the next day when I went out with JoJo, she was saying about using her Polaroid camera as well!!! I never knew she had one!!
See her Polaroid camera stitch pouch is uber cute!

Girls night out, with Beard Papa & Polaroid pics♥

Super lousy blur pics from that night. whoops.



  1. Just stumble into your blog.
    You are so cute and sexy. Definitely a girlfriend material.

  2. yea, polaroids are kool. and awesome monkey reference. monkeys rule!!