12 June 2009

Amsty + Barca

Nudist beaches and Hash Brownies here I COME!!! ROAAAR!!

Mygawd, I hope I get to see male strippers. That would be the icing on the cake!

But right now I'm having so much trouble packing @_@ . I want to bring almost everything. I'm still trying to figure out a way to squash a huge sunhat into a cabin space luggage bag.

Isn't life just absolutely horrible at some points? Tsk. I hate it when life tries to test you.

See? This is the only amount of clothing I'm bringing to Amsterdam and Barcelona! I would say I'm a pretty light packer when it comes to clothes. I was swearing to myself 'don't add anymore shit.'

BUt mygawd, women have soooo sooo many additinal stuff! I ended up throwing in pads, bikinis, facial stuff, make-up and waddaya know 30mins later it all adds up to:
FCUK THIS!!! And I am still not done yet!!! Can I pack in time everything for tomorrow?????

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