10 June 2009

Lard is the new 'in'

warning: contains certain disturbing images! (but then again what's new?)

One thing I absolutely detest about the British media is how much they love this celeb called Beth Ditto. They constantly praise her for being refreshingly 'body confident' and saying more women should be like her.

Right. Pfht.

I mean like, I'm all for being non-anorexic and I think curvacious women are gorgeous, but there's gotta be a limit don't you think????

Introducing Beth Ditto y'all:

I swear this pic must have been photoshopped coz she looks much larger in her other photos

Beth Ditto at Glamour awards

Beth Ditto's juicy ass


This, is being 'body confident' at being the largest piece of lard that has ever posed naked for a magazine.

Good God. If this is Britain's idea of 'healthy women of today' England would have sunk by now from the sheer weight of obese women.

That's just plain unhealthy!!! It isn't about being body confident. Its called delusional!!!

And some men actually find them a turn on. Came across this site about men who love huge chicks. Uggh! So disturbing:

I know, my censorship leaves little to the imagination :P

See the link for this disturbing site here

Sigh, I guess this issue will be a controversial one. But whatever it is no woman should EVER EVER let herself go to this extend!! And actually be proud of it! WTF!!!

Ok let's look at pics of Megan Fox.

Thoughts? Is Beth Ditto's size really OK? Is Megan Fox seriously not hot in this photo?

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