5 December 2007


Sammie & I visited this store called Osixnine. Talk about a difficult name. I shall just call it the 'orange' since that is how they advertize themselves.

They're having a big sale right now with a lot of items at 50% off!! Today is our last day to finish off our 1800-worded Land Law assignment (which I haven't even started with zero on my word document), but mygawd, I can't resist a sign when it says "50% SALE!!!"

We just had to detour in. It was too good an opportunity to pass ^^

More cam-whore pics. My gawd, my life is meaningless without pictures.

The inside of the shop is so pwetty!! They have this huge mirror there that makes me look good. Hohoho!

I have yet to master the art of taking a photo of my mirror image self...
the white heels are lovely

My fat feet got tired of being in the heels. Sammie's turn to camwhore!
The heels made her legs look va-va-voom!

Our land law lecturer today went into an emotional outburst. In fact, several times in the one hour thirty mins lecture. I felt sorry for her, but my gawd, how many more times is she gonna pull an Oprah Winfrey on us??!!!

Apparently it was because of the assessment test we wrote on her. Ok, I wasn't particulary kind. I gave her the 1/5 for all the 10 questions they asked about her. My law lecturer openly admitted that 'she was very upset about all the backstabbing she was getting. If you can't stand anything about me, just say it straight to my face.'

Ok... so some people in my class were particularly tough on her (me included). Its like a high-school thing repeating all over again.


I am starting to feel guilty again.

After she left, Gentry asked us to direct our complaints towards him, and he will pass it on to her. Hopefully it will make her feel better.

But I am still hoping she'll get replaced :(

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