2 May 2009

Look revamp

Do you know what is one of my greatest fears?

I fear the day someone actually uploads an old class photo from high school for some idiotic reason like sentimental value. My even greater fear is that the idiot will tag me on facebook.

Gawd, those were my 'dark ages' era. If I could, I promise I would burn all those photos one day. I look fuckin hideous with 'queen of dork' written all over my face. T_T

But thanks to the technological advances in make-up and styling I'm glad to say they have saved my face. But i'm bored off my current look. I want to look different!!

Thinking of changing my hair colour to red. Problem is I'm pretty tanned so I'm wondering if red hair will work on tanned asian skin?

Damn. This just proves how shallow I am. I am discussing about hair colour admist my finals.

Aren't red-heads just glamourous???

I'm thinking of cutting a-la Kate-Moss style fringe. My long front hair is starting to irritate me.

Neeways for now, ta-ta y'all.

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