11 February 2010

Any drink in a Starbucks mug taste expensive

I'm going off to Chi-chi-chi-china tmr!! (I dunno for some reason I seem to like to rap the word China lately). Its to this desolated part called 'KunMing' which I may or may not blog about it. A compulsory family trip, a tour of China's scenic points. Like seriously I hate hate hate tours ever so much but I guess its easier than planning your own when family is involved.

So don't expect any updates for the next one week!!

So back to my actual post, gonna upload a mega long one to keep you entertained!! I know all of you will probably skip this paragraph and just head straight for pictures wtf. Does anyone even read what I write?


Recently I headed over to Genting. Max felt that he needed to be random and suddenly wanted a Starbucks at 10pm at Genting. Youngsters nowadays I tell ya.

Bestie Cascada, mua, Edwald, Max.



I did this pose cuter wtf.

I randomly decided I wanted pigtails that day!

After living in UK for a year I'm glad that right now I'm pretty good against the cold weather! I walked around in a flimsy shirt & shorts. All those nights of dressing sluttily in winter running to clubs have finally paid off!


See Max face is the size of a pingpong ball. Starbucks mug can easily cover it!

Then after that hor, all 3 of us committed theft.


My instant nescafe taste so much better from a Starbucks mug. Ahem.

You know, I think I've come to a time in my live where age is starting to punch me in the stomach. It hit me really hard when we wanted to go to the Casino, and all the men couldn't go in.

Because they were all underaged. wtf.

And how come we walk through the Casino scanner but they didn't bother asking for our ID?

So we ended up cam-whoring around Genting instead!

Seriously Genting indoor theme park sucks. I think Malaysians kids are seriously deprived.

Then we got shooed away by the security guards for posing with the carousel. Ok so we kinda climbed over the metal fence to pose with it but you're only YOUNG once. I just like doing what YOUNGSTERS do nowadays.
Seriously I swear Max is some Harajuku bitch in the past life.

Recommend me a good liner that won't smudge!!

Dare you call?

Please, comment on my post if you have. And tell me how much it cost. And lemme know if the girls are really sexy school girls. But I wonder how you can look sexy in a Malaysian school uniform. I think even toilet cleaner uniforms in office buildings have sexier uniforms than those school ones.

The cold makes men horny for each other. Sad really!

I'm glad I've got my woman too!!


Pic of me of how I would look like if I really dug my nose in front of you.

Ok super random pics!!

Sorry I know I promised a long post, but I'm super sleepy right now I haven't been getting enough rest @_@

Neeways, If I don't bother to update after this, Happy Chinese New Year Y'all!! Even to new readers I don't personally know, thanks for stopping by. Tiger year is gonna be awsoommee!! MIAAAOOOOOWWWRRR!!!!!!!!

Speaking of tiger, if you really damn free go read on my fiancee's tiger run here.

Dated: 11/02/2010


  1. Why don't you have a chat box in your blog!

    Hahha..i noticed u used the pink chopsticks to eat some disgusting looking noodles :P

    Miss me lots when you're at China okay!! :D hehehe.

    Take care and see ya soon! mwaah!

  2. lol! it's funny how u advertise my blog lao gong...i lappp uuuu!!! too bad this year cant celebrate vday with u... T_T my in-laws (ur parents) are so mean to take u away on such holy day! i sadddddd!

  3. debbeh: ow coz i keep changing my blog layut so often, then i forgot my chatbox password & username!! so i malas to put in a link liaw lol

    Miss T: T_T sigh n i must to my best to please my in laws!! I buy them back lots of AA grade china quality rice to make them love me!