13 September 2010


Yay for the job hunt!

Well I didn't exactly get the job I wanted, but I tried applying to this event management company. and yay! I scored an interview!! The interview should be this Thursday :) Kinda excited and dreading the idea of finally working. No more glorious days of bumming at home. Sadness.

I tried applying to this site called Jiggee, and their response was so cute!

Do hope they'll interview me though. I liked their website and presentation the most out of all the jobs I applied for.


I'm just gonna upload a bunch of random pictures today. Meh.


I felt like saying ""Fuck you world"" hence my weirdly coloured nails that day.

And everyone should so totally get Photoscape!! Its so mad awesome!!!!

Pictures below are me preparing for a friend's birthday party.


I played around with "Saturation Mode"


Saturation again


Used ''Luminance" and "Saturation" mode together


My outfit that night! loves.

Shoes from ChiangMai
Skirt for only rm12.90! (I am such a cheapo buyer)
Top from Topshop (also cheapo buy)
Hairband from F21 .

Actually you'd be surprised but F21 sells the cheapest accessories ever. MUCH cheaper than DIVA which is a rip off in my opinion.

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