28 November 2011

Popin Cookin : Sushi Set

Recently I've just started an online store with a friend. I do hope some of you guys will drop by and learn more about it! 

Basically the ''blogshop'' we've opened up is not just an ordinary clothes selling store, its a shop selling Japanese candy. Or to be even more specific, its a do-it-yourself assortment of sushi like-candy imported all the way from Japan. 

Its called ''Popin Cookin'', and its got loads of different flavours as well from grapes to strawberries with gummy bear-like texture.

Its really interesting coz its not just ANY conventional candy. For example, you can actually make stuff like this from scratch!!! These candies are supposed to be toys for children, but young adults can have fun with them as well! <3 

This is know as Popin Cookin Sushi Set 

Here are snippets of the tutorial for making these sushi sets from scratch! Its very simple and easy to do, all the sushi is already pre-made in powder form; all you have to do is just add water and hey presto!! Instant gummi sushi! 

This is to make rice 

This is to make fish roe 

Doesn't it look exactly like the real thing? Japan technology is amazing!!!

****DELIVERY****: Delivery is international and postage fees depends on each country. Its US8 per box (not including postage) , but we've got a 3 packs promotion on going so do check it out heart,valentine,love

We actually do COD but only for Malaysian customers but only within Klang Valley. Its MYR 27 (not inclusive of postage fees) 

I would really appreciate it if you guys took the time to check out the blog for a more comprehensive tutorial and encyclopedia available here: 

and the official shop page: 

Until then, have an awesome day peeps! 


  1. that looks awesomely cool~ i might consider purchasing!

  2. owhh these are so cute! I would love to try em out as well! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. sure thing! thanks guys for dropping bye! <3

  4. the sushi set is amazing! :)